Welcome To The Green-Grossfield ProjectMarc Grossfield and I bought this 1947 rambler to start our new life together. It's fitting that we are totally renovating it as we have both recently had to totally renovate our lives.
Jordana's Blog: Let's Chill And Watch The Grass GrowIt's been a tragic, sad, shocking, and frustrating week. We need a break. Let's talk about grass.
Jordana's Blog: SplurgingWhen was the last time you bought or accepted an expensive, lavish gift? Too long, huh? I know we often aren't in a position to spend lots of money on a non-necessity but it sure is fun when we do.
Jordana's Blog: Scams -- It Can Happen To You!My friend is a smart woman so we couldn’t believe she fell for it, but after you hear her story, you’ll know she’s not alone.
Jordana's Blog: Happy Mother's Day, Single Or OtherwiseI hope your Mother's Day was perfect. It's supposed to be, but many of us struggle on this day. Some have lost their mother, some have lost a child, some are estranged from loved ones and many are dealing with the aftermath of divorce. Mother's Day is not always sweet cards and flowers.
The Who At Target CenterDefinitely a bucket list show. Handsome husband and I went to see The Who concert last night at Target Center. We were blown away.
Jordana's Blog: Compliment Away!"Don't waste a compliment on yourself." A guest on my show, Stephen Blair Venable, said this on the air Thursday night.
Jordana's Blog: Sparkle On, Gram!My Grammy is still alive, thank G-d. She's 96. Gram has the best jewelry. She's had two generous husbands, held a job most of her life, has traveled all over the world and taught me the meaning of an "important" piece. (A high-value piece of jewelry in weight and quality.)
Jordana's Blog: Never As GoodMy mother is a good cook. Me, not so much. I don't like cooking, it's not my thing. I do it to keep my children alive. When people say they like to cook, I secretly think they just say that because of the praise they get when someone compliments them on their cooking.
Jordana's Blog: Yoga Trumps Mom-Of-The-Year AwardI thought I was home free. I just dropped the kids at school, I was heading to the grocery store and then to yoga (my one hour of total me time all week). Then I get a call from the school.
Jordana's Blog: Out Of The ClosetI love closet switch day. It's the day all the winter stuff comes out of your closet and your summer stuff goes in. I wish I did this for my actual clothes, too. But then it would become closet switch week because I'm not that organized.