The Who At Target CenterDefinitely a bucket list show. Handsome husband and I went to see The Who concert last night at Target Center. We were blown away.
Jordana's Blog: Never As GoodMy mother is a good cook. Me, not so much. I don't like cooking, it's not my thing. I do it to keep my children alive. When people say they like to cook, I secretly think they just say that because of the praise they get when someone compliments them on their cooking.
Jordana's Blog: Family VacationDon't you hate photos of happy families on an awesome vacations that you're not on? This is why people hate Facebook. Your feed is filled with other people's pics of them doing fun things and looking happy. Gag.
Jordana's Blog: Heavy MachineryYou're along for the ride of my landscape project this spring. We just renovated our house and all we have is dirt outside.
A MessEveryday -- OK, nearly everyday, at least on the days I forget to close every door in the house -- I come home to a mess!
3rd Grade Book ClubAt this gathering of 8-year-old girls, the girls actually discussed the book. It was adorable and amazing to see them analyze the 76 pages of Stephen Manes 'Be A Perfect Person In Just Three Days!'
Dancing At The Office!Do you dance at work? You should. Yes, you will look foolish, maybe on the edge of inappropriate, but you and anyone who sees you will smile.
Social Media & Teenage GirlsOne of the guests on my show last night was Nancy Jo Sales, she is the author of "American Girls: Social Media and the Secret Lives of Teenagers." It was chilling.

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