Oak View 2nd Graders Nominate Teacher For Excellent EducatorThe second graders at Oak View Elementary in Maple Grove love Mrs. Julie Stobbs so much, they wrote a letter about her behind her back.
Excellent Educator: Chris Myers At McGuire Middle SchoolChris Myers is a Social Studies teacher at McGuire Middle School. He gives his heart to his students every day and even his Christmas presents! His generosity and passion is what makes him an Excellent Educator.
Working For The Weekend: Entertainment Best BetsThere's plenty do to this weekend, whether you like art, hamburgers or have always wanted a chance to break a world record.
Andover Kindergarten Teacher Helps Kids Have Fun While LearningThis week, WCCO This Morning heads into the classroom of Joel Sakry at Andover Elementary school. His main mission is for his kindergartners to have fun while learning.
Working For The Weekend: Mother's Day Events & MoreIt's a big weekend in Minnesota: The Fishing Opener is Saturday and Mother's Day is Sunday. Plus, there are all these events for you to check out if you are Workin' for the Weekend!
'I Have More Energy': 1 In 4 Couples Sleep Apart For Better RestSnoring, sleep talking or hogging the blankets can make sleeping with another person impossible. The National Sleep Foundation found some married couples choose to get a better night's rest by sleeping apart.
Working For The Weekend: Entertainment Best BetsThere are a ton of events to celebrate the Kentucky Derby, Cinco de Mayo and May Day.
Trial Offers At-Home Test Kit To Show Risk Of Ovarian CancerFor the first time, there's an at-home test to show a woman's risk for ovarian cancer. MAGENTA is a free, nationwide clinical trial for women at risk for breast or ovarian cancer.

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