Minnesota Capitol In Partisan Gridlock Again As Session's End ApproachesPressure is mounting on state lawmakers with less than a month remaining, and little to show for it.
'T.R.U.M.P. Act' Seeks To Make Candidates Reveal Tax ReturnsMinnesota lawmakers are mounting an effort at the Minnesota State Capitol to force presidential candidates, including President Donald Trump, to disclose their tax returns if they appear on the Minnesota election ballot.
Dayton Signs Bill Retracting Commissioner Raises For NowMinnesota lawmakers voted Thursday to cut the paychecks of more than two dozen state commissioners. That's after Democratic Gov. Mark Dayton passed out pay hikes to all 26 members of his cabinet, causing intense political controversy. Some of the raises were as high as $35,000.
Should Lawmakers Limit Police Use Of License Plate Images?Right now, police departments scan and keep millions of license plate images for future investigations.
Both Sides Weigh In On The Voter ID AmendmentThe Minnesota Voter Identification Amendment seeks to change the constitution to require all voters to show a photo ID before voting.
Twitter War: GOP's Kriesel, Kiffmeyer Spar Over Stadium VoteA very public war of words is brewing between two popular and controversial Minnesota House Republicans.
Minn. House Passes Photo ID Amendment ProposalA proposed constitutional amendment to make voters show a photo ID at the polls is now halfway to a spot on the November ballot.
Dayton, Ritchie Call for Photo ID Alternative Gov. Mark Dayton and Secretary of State Mark Ritchie say there's a less expensive alternative to the proposal for a constitutional amendment requiring a photo ID to vote, and that it also runs less risk of disenfranchising some voters.
Minnesota Prepares For Voter ID BattleMinnesota’s nearly three million registered voters must sign a registry when they go to their polling place, but they don't have to produce photo identification. That, however, might change soon.
Voter ID Could End Up On 2012 BallotRepublican backers of requiring a photo ID to vote in Minnesota say they'll try to take the issue to voters themselves next year after Gov. Mark Dayton vetoed a bill with the requirement.
Dayton Strikes Down Photo IDs For Minnesota VotersGov. Mark Dayton has vetoed a bill that would have required voters to produce photo identification before casting a ballot.