McDonald's Manager Accused Of Raping Teen Employee Has First Court AppearanceA man accused of raping a 14-year-old girl at the McDonald's restaurant while he was her supervisor will have his first court appearance Tuesday.
Man Charged With Threatening Teens With Gun At McDonald'sA man faces felony charges of making terroristic threats after investigators say he pulled a gun on a group of teenagers at a Twin Cities McDonald's restaurant.
Man Accused Of Pulling Gun On Somali Teens Out Of JailThe man who allegedly pulled a gun on a group of Somali teenagers at a Twin Cities McDonald’s is out of jail.
Sheriff: Delivery Driver Dies Attempting To Fix Chemical LeakA delivery truck driver has been found dead after a chemical leak incident Wednesday morning.
Police: Group Disrupts Eden Prairie McDonald’s; Person Displays GunPolice in Eden Prairie are asking for the public’s help after a disorderly conduct incident at a McDonald’s Monday evening.
Viral McDonald's Pranksters Rewarded With Big CheckA couple of college students are getting paid $25,000 each after pulling off an epic prank at a local McDonald's.
Some McDonald's Workers Vote To Strike For 1 Day Over Sex HarassmentEmboldened by the #MeToo movement, McDonald's workers have voted to stage a one-day strike next week at restaurants in 10 cities in hopes of pressuring management to take stronger steps against on-the-job sexual harassment.
McDonald's Big Mac Turns 50The ingredients "two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions and a sesame seed bun" were seared into American memories by a TV jingle.
Minneapolis McDonald's Agrees To Pay Workers $20,000 In Back Wages Officials in Minneapolis said Wednesday that the city reached a settlement with a south side McDonald’s that agreed to pay workers more than $20,000 in back wages and penalties after violating the city’s minimum wage ordinance.
McDonald’s To Halt Salad Sales In MinnesotaHealth officials say there have been 163 reports of people with illnesses associated with the cyclospora parasite since the outbreak was announced a week ago.
Sexual Harassment Claims Filed Against McDonald'sEnergized by the #MeToo movement, two national advocacy groups are teaming up to lodge sexual harassment complaints against McDonald's on behalf of 10 women who have worked at the fast food restaurant in nine cities.