Minnesota DNR Approves Fargo-Moorhead Flood Prevention PlanThe flood plan still needs other permits. A federal judge stopped construction on the previous project.
DNR Warning Minnesotans Of Thin Ice DangerThe recent warm streak through the last half of December in Minnesota has led to the thinning of what usually would be thick ice.
Wild Deer Tests Positive For Wasting Disease In SE MinnesotaMinnesota wildlife officials say a wild deer taken in Houston County has tested positive for apparent chronic wasting disease. The Department of Natural Resources said Wednesday that official confirmation will come later this week. The hunter has been notified, and the DNR is arranging to pick up the meat and carcass.
DNR Busy Testing Deer For Chronic Wasting DiseaseThe problem is more widespread in Wisconsin - but the fear is Minnesota's population could be on the same path.
DNR: Deer Numbers On Rebound, Despite Brain Disease ThreatThe Minnesota Department of Natural Resources says deer numbers are continuing to rebound all across the state this year. Officials say the deer populations are now at or above its goal levels for lots of areas.
Minnesota DNR Issues Permits For PolyMet MiningState regulators are giving the go-ahead to a controversial mining project near Minnesota's Iron Range. PolyMet Mining now has permission to move forward with a $1-billion copper-nickel mine.
No Fall Colors Yet, And It May Be A WhileHunting for changing fall foliage, or leaf peeping, only happens once a year. So, isn’t it about that time of year?
DNR Expects Good Duck Hunting For Saturday OpenerDuck hunting should be good when Minnesota's main waterfowl season opens Saturday morning, wildlife managers said Monday.
DNR Climatologist: Minn. Warming More Than Most U.S. StatesThe winters are getting warmer than they used to be, and there's new local data to back that up.
How Do Leaves Know When It's Time To Change Colors?Experts at the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources predict a beautiful display of fall colors across most of Minnesota.
Why Are There So Many Nuts This Year?The Minnesota DNR says its foresters are reporting more acorns as we wind down the summer.
Why Are There So Many Acorns This Year?The forestry experts say it's all normal. It's really the oak trees just trying to make more oak babies.
Scientists Struggle To Measure Impact Of Invasive SpeciesScientists still don't have a clear answer on whether invasive species are destroying Minnesota's lakes more than 20 years after they started spreading in the state's waters.
Decoding The DNR’s ‘Summer Glory Index’The DNR gave Wednesday an A+ on its “Summer Glory Index,” which is what they use to rate the most comfortable days of the season.
Invasive Algae Found In Medicine LakeStarry stonewort is an alga that looks similar to other native plants and can form dense mats, which can interfere with use of a lake and compete with native plants.