Gay Marriage Opponents Organize Rallies In Greater Minn.The chief political group opposed to legal gay marriage in Minnesota is taking its case on the road with a series of greater Minnesota rallies.
Group Says Opponents Compared GLBT Movement To Nazis, Again One side of the gay marriage debate in Minnesota says its opponents are again using language not suitable for a respectful conversation on the topic.
Hundreds Rally Against Gay Marriage At State’s CapitolOpponents of legalizing gay marriage in Minnesota are holding a rally at the Capitol.
Sen. Dibble Plans To Introduce Gay Marriage Bill This WeekIt appears the battle over same sex marriage in Minnesota may start to heat up earlier than expected. Minnesota Senator Scott Dibble said he plans to introduce a bill to legalize gay marriage this week.
On Valentine's Day, Hundreds Pressured Lawmakers To Legalize Gay Marriage Thursday's rally at the State Capital was organized by the same group that successfully defeated the gay marriage ban in November.
Get Ready For Round 2 Of The Same-Sex Marriage DebateAfter one of the most divisive, costly campaigns Minnesota has ever seen, it appears the second round of the same-sex marriage debate is on.
Gay Marriage Debate Far From OverThe most talked about, expensive and historic vote was the one for the marriage amendment, which for the first time in any state did not receive enough votes to pass.
Marriage Amendment Volunteers Down To The WireThe Marriage Amendment vote will be a closely watched race on Election Tuesday.
Talking Points: Both Sides Of The Marriage Amendment A new poll out late last night suggests public opinion has shifted against the Marriage Amendment.
Weighing Both Sides Of The Marriage AmendmentIn two days, Minnesota voters will decide on a constitutional ammendment to define marriage as between one man and one woman.
Opponents Of Gay Marriage Ban Raise $3M In 1 MonthThe principal group working to defeat Minnesota's constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage raised $3 million in the final stretch of the race.