Senate GOP Lays Out Priorities For Minnesota Legislature's 2020 SessionEliminating the state's partial tax on Social Security benefits, reducing violent crime in the Twin Cities and reforming the state Department of Human Services are some of the top priorities for the 2020 legislative session that the Minnesota Senate GOP majority announced Monday.
State Rep. Nick Zerwas Of Elk River To ResignOver Zerwas’s 13 years as a state lawmaker, he sponsored legislation for solitary confinement reform and “right to try” legislation, which makes clinical trials and experimental drugs more available for terminally-ill patients.
Minnesota Lawmakers Discuss Next Steps On Affordable Insulin
Talking Points: State Leaders Look Ahead To 2020 ElectionWith Minnesota being the only divided legislature in the country, both parties are looking ahead to the next election.
New Law Aims To Crack Down On Slow-Moving Vehicles In Left LaneThe state legislature passed a bill this session that will fine drivers who don't move over for faster vehicles.
Insulin Bill Likely To Return In 2020, Paul Gazelka SaysHouse Democratic and Senate Republicans negotiators blamed each other side for how the proposal was dropped.
'We Were Shocked': Insulin Safety Net Left Out Of Final Budget DealThe bill would have provided a free emergency supply of insulin to anyone unable to afford skyrocketing prices.
MN Legislature Ends Special Session With $48B BudgetThe Minnesota Legislature has ended its special session after passing a $48 billion budget to fund state government for the next two years. The House and Senate passed the last of their budget bills Saturday morning and adjourned around 7 a.m.
Minnesota Legislature Passes $48B Budget In Special SessionThe Minnesota Legislature ended its special session Saturday after approving a $48 billion budget to fund state government for the next two years.
Sen. Bakk: 2019 Session Ended With A WhimperAs veteran Sen. Tom Bakk puts it, the 2019 regular session at the Minnesota Capitol ended with a whimper.
Minnesota Conference Committee Reaches Agreement On Opioid BillTwo lawmakers on the conference committee who lost children to opioid overdoses have been working on prevention and treatment.
Minn. Legislature Approves Licensing System For Assisted Living CentersThe bill also allows families to place a hidden camera in an assisted living facility starting in January 2020.
Gov. Tim Walz, Legislative Leaders Reach Budget DealThe budget deal does not include any gas tax hike. The health care provider tax that Republicans opposed remains, classrooms get a 2% funding boost for each of the next two years and there's a middle-class income tax cut beginning in 2022.
Gender Equity, Violence Bills Get Debate Amid Budget BattleSeveral initiatives to promote gender equity and reduce gender-based violence are in play as Minnesota's legislative session nears an end, ranging from a potential overhaul of the state's sexual assault laws to making it easier to sue for sexual harassment.
Hopeful Talk Hits Brick Wall Of Reality In State Capitol Budget TalksBudget talks collapsed again late Tuesday at the Minnesota State Capitol.