Minnesota Senate Votes 66-0 To Close Marital Rape LoopholeThe Minnesota Senate has voted unanimously to close a loophole in state law that prevents people who rape a spouse or domestic partner from being prosecuted for criminal sexual conduct.
Minn. Senate Passes Ban On Hand-Held Cellphones While Driving The Minnesota Senate has passed a ban on hand-held cell phones while driving Thursday.
DFL, GOP Clash Over Paid Family Leave BillThe Paid Family Leave bill making its way through the Minnesota House would require all employers to pay into a new state fund, much the way they do for unemployment insurance.
Minnesota Legislators Approved For Pay RaiseMinnesota lawmakers can expect more money in their paychecks starting this summer.
Minnesota Senate OKs Hands-Free Driving Bill, All But Assuring PassageHands-free bills have been proposed for ten years at the Minnesota State Capitol, including last year when a hands-free bill went nowhere in the Minnesota Senate.
Minnesota Lawmaker Pushes For Year-Round Daylight Saving TimeIt takes an act of Congress to change daylight saving time nationwide and there's a bill to do that, which President Donald Trump said Monday he supports. Minnesota can pass its own law, but it has to wait for Congress.
Minnesota Senate Committee Defeats Recreational Marijuana BillA Minnesota Senate committee has defeated a bill to legalize recreational marijuana in Minnesota, effectively killing the legislation for the year.
Minnesota Senate Passes School Snow Day BillThe Minnesota Senate Thursday overwhelmingly passed a bill allowing school districts to write off snow days.
Field Set For Feb. 5 Special Election For State Senate SeatThe field is set for what's likely to be a hard-fought special election for a state Senate seat in eastern Minnesota next month.
Minnesota Lawmakers' To-Do List Is Long, But Time Is ShortMinnesota lawmakers are in the homestretch, facing a lengthy to-do list and less than two days to finish their work.
Minn. Senate Passes Plan To Sync State Taxes With Federal OverhaulThe Minnesota Senate prepared Thursday to vote on its plan syncing Minnesota's taxes with the federal government while modestly cutting income tax rates, the final piece of a three-way debate over taxes at the Capitol this year.