One-Third Of Americans Prefer To Use Old Fashioned Cash, Survey FindsMore than half said they want to make sure they have cash on them, with the average amount in pocket being $47.
Research Shows Exercise Makes People Happier Than Money DoesThe study found that people who don't exercise would have to make an extra $25,000 to be as happy as people who are exercising.
5 Ways To Make Lasting Financial ChangeJeff Wagner talked with Mike Kojonen with Principal Preservation Services about setting financial goals and more money tips (4:05). WCCO 4 News at 10 -- Sept. 14, 2019
Married At 26? Parents By 27? Survey Reveals Most Common Milestone GoalsPeople think their "forever home" should be attained by at 37. And retirement should ideally happen at 63.
'U' Students Say They 'Don't Know' When They'll Be Financially IndependentA new study shows half of American parents have cut back on retirement savings to help adult children pay bills.
Exercise Just As Likely To Boost Happiness As MoneyThe study found that people who are physically active are just as happy as people who don't exercise but earn $25,000 more per year.
'Wealth Well Done': Man Earns $250K Net Worth In 6 YearsA Shoreview man who spent a decade in jail has spent the past six years since working towards financial freedom.
Police: Suspects Run Over Woman With Car During Fight To Steal $75,000the woman had just withdrawn $75,000 from the bank for their local check cashing business when she was ambushed by a thief who tried to rip her purse away.
Software Developers And Dentists Top List Of Best Jobs In U.S.According to U.S. News & World Report's annual list of the 100 best jobs in America, software developers topped the list with a median salary of $100,080 and over 250,000 projected jobs available this year.
Millennials Think 12 Is A Good Age To Talk FinancesA new survey by Capital Group shows 4 out of 10 millennial parents think 12 or younger is a good time.
Man Loses $1,300 In Supermarket, Good Samaritan Returns ItA good Samaritan in Florida made this year's Fourth of July celebration unforgettable after returning $1,300 to a man who lost it in a local supermarket.