CAIR Asks For Added Security At Super Eid CelebrationMore than 20,000 Muslims are expected to party and celebrate the festival known as Super Eid at U.S. Bank Stadium on Tuesday.
Muslim Candidates Run In Record Numbers But Face BacklashIn Rochester, Minnesota, mayoral candidate Regina Mustafa has notified authorities of at least two instances where anti-Muslim threats were posted on her social media accounts.
Minn. Muslim Students Discuss What Ramadan Means To ThemMuslims across the globe are observing the holy month of Ramadan, Including those still in school.
Imams Re-Evaluate Security After Mosque BombingLeaders are considering installing security cameras and buzzer systems inside the mosque.
Muslims Celebrating End Of RamadanHundreds of worshipers came to Sunday morning prayer at National Sports Center in Blaine.
Lawsuit Accuses UPS Of Pushing Out Muslim Workers Over Prayer BreaksThe Minnesota chapter of the Council of American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has filed a lawsuit against a staffing company and UPS, accusing them of firing Muslim employees over prayer breaks.
MN Watchdog Group Calls On Public To Fight Anti-Muslim BigotryExecutive Director Jaylani Hussein says there have been two incidents in the last week of Muslim women being followed in Minnesota.
Amid Acts Of Bigotry, U.S. Muslims And Jews Strengthen BondsThey sat on either end of the congressmen's couch, one a Jewish healthcare executive whose parents fled Germany in 1936, the other the Kashmiri Muslim chairman of a well-known American furniture chain. The men, Stanley Bergman and Farooq Kathwari, came to draw attention to an outbreak of hate crimes. But Bergman and Kathwari hoped their joint appearance would also send a broader message: that U.S. Jews and Muslims could put aside differences and work together.
CAIR-MN Says Trump's Revamped Travel Ban Must Be ChallengedThe Minnesota chapter of a Muslim civil rights organization says President Donald Trump's new travel ban must be challenged.
Hate Message Allegedly Left At St. Paul MosqueThe Council on American-Islamic Relations is calling for an investigation after an alleged hate message was left on a St. Paul mosque.
MN Christians Reach Out To Muslims During RamadanDuring the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, Metro area churches and mosques are teaming up to give Minnesotans a chance to learn about different faiths.