Bachmann Blasts Clinton As GOP Summit EndsShe was not on the speaking program, but Hillary Rodham Clinton had presence at the nation's largest annual gathering of conservative activists on Saturday, as high-profile Republicans launched a dual effort to attack the prospective Democratic presidential candidate and improve the GOP's longstanding struggle with women voters.
Reality Check: Health Care & The Individual MandateRepublicans are united against the individual mandate. They call it "socialism" and an unconstitutional "government takeover". But the central pillar of President Obama's health care law came from “America's most-respected conservative thinkers." It's TRUE.
GOP Superdelegates: It's Over, Romney Is Nominee That's the growing consensus among Republican National Committee members who will automatically attend the party's national convention this summer and can support any candidate they choose.
Gingrich Set To Make Stops In NE WisconsinNewt Gingrich is set to stop in northeastern Wisconsin as he tries to resuscitate his flagging presidential campaign ahead of the state's primary next week.
Ron Paul To Campaign In Madison Republican presidential candidate U.S. Rep. Ron Paul of Texas plans to campaign in Madison next week.
Gingrich: WA Same-Sex Law Was Passed 'The Right Way'Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich declined Friday to outright reject a new law legalizing same-sex marriage in Washington state, saying if it is approved by voters it will at least be enacted "the right way."
Romney, Paul In 2-Man Race Saturday In Maine Vote Mitt Romney hoped to reinvigorate his presidential prospects with a victory in Maine's GOP caucuses Saturday while Ron Paul reached for his first triumph in what shaped up as a two-man race because neither Newt Gingrich nor Rick Santorum actively competed in the state .
Santorum: I Won And Raised About $250K Tuesday Night Resurgent Rick Santorum said his sweep of three GOP contests earned his shoestring campaign $250,000 overnight, cash he needs to take his upstart bid for the Republican presidential nomination to Mitt Romney's turf.
Santorum Wins Minn. Republican Presidential Caucuses A resurgent Rick Santorum won Republican presidential caucuses in Minnesota and Colorado on Tuesday night, a stunning sweep that raised fresh questions about front-runner Mitt Romney's appeal among the ardent conservatives at the core of the party's political base.
Ron Paul Glitterbombed, Gingrich Interrupted In MNMembers of the LGBT rights group the Glitterati have struck again.
GOP Hopefuls Make Their Final Stands In Minn.Republican presidential hopefuls Ron Paul, Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum made their final stands in Minnesota Monday -- the eve of the state's caucuses.