OccupyMN Movement To Resume In Downtown Mpls Hundreds of protestors could be in downtown Minneapolis Saturday with Occupy Minnesota movement expected to resume.
6 Months Later, What Has Occupy Protest Achieved?As spring approaches, Occupy Wall Street protesters who mostly hibernated all winter are beginning to stir with plans for renewed demonstrations six months after the movement was born.
Judge Dismisses Occupy's Lawsuit Against Hennepin Co.A U.S. District Court Judge dismissed a lawsuit brought by Occupy Minneapolis against Hennepin County after a mediated settlement was reached between the parties.
Occupy Protesters Allowed To Have Signs In Mpls.Anti-Wall Street protesters in Minneapolis will be able to affix signs and posters to the plaza outside the Hennepin County Government Center, but their request to use tents without law enforcement interference was denied.
2 Weekend Occupy Arrests In MinneapolisTwo men arrested during an Occupy Minnesota protest in Minneapolis remain in custody.
No Crackdown For Now On Minneapolis Occupy Protest Minneapolis area authorities who declined to remove anti-Wall Street protesters from a government plaza when a ban on sleeping there overnight went into effect declined to say Tuesday when or if they will begin enforcing the new law.
New Rules For Occupy Protesters In Minnesota There are some new rules coming for the protesters who have been occupying a downtown Minneapolis government plaza for more than a month.
Occupy Minnesota Moves To Mpls. BackyardFor over a month now, Occupy Wall Street protesters have been camping out in front of the Hennepin County Government Center. But on Sunday, their protests moved -- into a backyard.
Occupy Wall Street Crowd Disrupts Bachmann Speech About 30 Occupy Wall Street protesters interrupted a foreign policy speech by Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann in South Carolina.
OccupyMN Marches In West St. PaulThe Occupy Wall Street movement moved to West St. Paul Saturday.
Organizers Planning 'Occupy St. Paul' Organizers are planning to bring the anti-Wall Street movement to St. Paul.