City Of Minneapolis Giving Away Free Radon TestsIn the spirit of National Radon Action Month, the city of Minneapolis is giving away free radon tests to increase awareness of the cancer risks associated with the odorless gas.
New Radon Law Requirements Put On HoldIt could be anyone's basement in any part of the state, but what you won't see or smell, could spell serious danger.
Minneapolis Giving Away 200 Free Radon Test KitsThe Minnesota Department of Health says 40 percent of homes in Minnesota have elevated levels of the gas.
MDH: Radon Levels Dangerously High In 40 Percent Of Minn. HomesThe Minnesota Department of Health has launched a new tool to help people see radon levels in their counties.
How To Keep Your Home Free Of RadonYou can't see, smell or taste radon in your home. But that doesn't mean it isn't there, according to Dr. Jon Cole of the Minnesota Poison Control System. "You have no symptoms while it's happening, and then later on, eventually you ... develop lung cancer," Cole said. Radon is the leading environmental cause of lung cancer deaths in the U.S.
New Law To Reveal Radon Testing To Home Buyers Drive down any residential block in Minnesota and the hidden risk of radon is there. That’s because according to state health experts, 40 percent of all homes have radon levels above the danger threshold.
Home Air Quality: Are Americans Suffocating Themselves?The EPA now considers poor indoor air quality to be a top risk to public health.
Health Conscious Mpls Residents Pick Up Free Radon Test KitsNearly a third of all Minnesota homes have potentially dangerous levels of radon.
Minneapolis Giving Away Free Radon KitsThe City of Minneapolis wants to help you find out if there are dangerous levels of radon in your house.
Minn. Makes Cheap Radon Testing Kits AvailableGov. Mark Dayton has declared this "Radon Action Month" in Minnesota, and the state is encouraging residents to get their homes tested.
State Health Department Calls For Radon TestingThe Minnesota Department of Health is reminding residents to test their homes for dangerous radon gas during January, which has been designated Radon Action Month.