'Different Philosophical Approaches': GOP, DFL At Minn. Capitol Diverge On Public Safety PlansA key Senate Republican legislature said he disagreed with a core piece of a DFL crime-fighting proposal that giving state funds to community groups, an example of how deeply divided the two parties are in their approach to public safety and a signal of the long road ahead to reach a compromise.
Iowa's Chuck Grassley Files Papers To Seek 8th U.S. Senate TermGrassley, 88, announced his intentions in September to seek another six-year term. If completed, he would be 94.
Number Of Names Hoping To Unseat Walz As Minnesota Governor In Double DigitsAmong the many names in the ring from the Republican Party are well-known Minnesota Sens. Paul Gazelka and Michelle Benson, former Sen. Scott Jensen, businessman Kendall Qualls, and former Hennepin County Sheriff Rich Stanek.
Investigator Claims Wisconsin Should Weigh Decertifying Vote; GOP Leaders Say They Won'tRepublican Assembly Majority Leader Jim Steineke immediately rejected the call to decertify the election, saying it was a “fool’s errand.”
Wisconsin GOP Sends Election And Voting Bills To Gov. EversRepublicans argue the fast-tracked bills are in response to deficiencies identified by a nonpartisan audit and a review by a conservative group. But the proposals go far beyond those recommendations and would fundamentally change how votes are cast and elections are run in the battleground state.
Wisconsin Senate Votes On Republican Voting ChangesRepublicans don't have enough votes to override an Evers veto, making the votes this week largely about providing campaign fodder heading into November and setting the stage for what the Legislature in battleground Wisconsin may take up again next year.
Wis. Gov. Evers Gives 4th State Of State As Reelection Race LoomsEvers rarely meets with GOP leaders and Republicans are advancing a conservative agenda that they know Evers will veto but that will give them fodder to use on the campaign trail. In areas where the governor and lawmakers have come together, such as the two state budgets Evers signed into law, they have squabbled over who can take credit.
Minnesota Senate GOP Bills Would Require Disclosure Of Classroom Syllabus In Effort To Boost 'Parents' Rights' In Classroom"We have seen the rights of parents eroded over time and replaced by heavy-handed bureaucracy," Sen. Justin Eichorn (R-Grand Rapids) said. Senate Republicans say a slate of bills they've put forward empower parents, who they believe have been sidelined in their kids' education.
Rep. Timothy Ramthun, Disciplined Over False Election Claims, To Run For State GovernorMyPillow CEO Mike Lindell, also a purveyor of false claims that Trump won the 2020 election, endorsed Ramthun, telling the crowd that filled a high school auditorium he would be “the greatest governor Wisconsin has ever seen.”
Bipartisan Wisconsin Business Coalition Backs Elections HeadRepublican pressure on state and local elections officials increased exponentially after Donald Trump refused to concede his defeat to President Joe Biden in Wisconsin. Biden won by nearly 21,000 votes, an outcome that has withstood recounts, investigations and lawsuits. There is no evidence of widespread fraud, as Trump and others have falsely claimed.
GOP-Controlled Wisconsin Assembly To Vote On Tougher Penalties For ProtestersOne bill would define a riot as a public disturbance that involves an unlawful assembly and an act of violence or a threat of violence committed by at least one person.