Driver Injured After Rear-Ending Plow On I-94A driver was hospitalized Monday morning after rear-ending a snow plow on Interstate 94 in the northwest metro.
1 Injured After Snow Plow Collides With Train In Stearns CountyA snow plow collided with a train in the Stearns County town of Brooten Wednesday morning, leaving one man hospitalized.
West St. Paul Police Officer Pays To Repair Homeless Family's TruckA Twin Cities family starting the year in difficult circumstances is thanking a watchful community member for stepping in.
Meet Mankato's Snow Plow ManResidents in the Mankato area have had a good Samaritan helping them out during the winter for about a decade now. When the snow starts flying, Andy Johnson gets going with his plow.
New App Brings Snow Plow To Your Home On DemandThe overnight snowfall probably meant you had some shovelling to do -- but now, there's an app that can help you with that.
Brookston Man Dead Following Head-On Collision With Snow PlowState Patrol reports say a 19-year-old swerved into oncoming traffic on Highway 2 and collided with a MNDOT snow plow in St. Louis County.
Consulting Company Helps St. Paul Streamline Snow RemovalA private consultant's report released this week is helping St. Paul identify and fix problems when it comes to snow removal. "We've been hit with some pretty difficult winters over the last few years," Richard Lallier, St. Paul Public Works Director, said. "We've been making changes since last December when we were hit with the ice storm."
Snow Removal Companies Celebrate Winter's ArrivalA storm expected to dump three to six inches in the Twin Cities metro and heavier snow in northern suburbs is good news for a business that is almost entirely dependent on weather.
St. Paul Asks Residents To Move Cars From Residential Streets City officials say plows will be in operation on residential streets during the day Tuesday, and they are asking residents to move their cars off streets to help with the plow effort.
Lack Of Snow Doesn’t Stop Robot Plow CompetitionWe haven't had much snow to talk about this winter, but when we get another round of plowable snow...a certain contraption seen at the Winter Carnival might come in handy.
Father Was Driver In Wis. Snow Plow Ax That Killed BoyThe St. Croix County Sheriff’s Office has released more information in the tragic snow plow death of a 4-year-old child in Star Prairie Township, Wis. Tuesday morning.