Reality Check: Minn. Budget Bill's State Workforce CutsMinnesota's laid off state workers are back on the job after the governor and legislature reached a budget deal, but they face more cuts with the compromise to end the 20-day shutdown.
State Workers' Mixed Reactions To Deal To End ShutdownWhile many of Minnesota's more than 22,000 laid-off workers are excited to hear they could soon be returning to work, not all of them are happy about the way they would return to work.
'Cone Of Silence' Becomes Roar Of HostilityWith Minnesota's state government closed for business, the focus shifted Friday to who's to blame.
Minn. State Workers Uncertain About Finances, FutureUnemployed State workers are scrambling, trying to figure out how they are going to keep a roof over their heads and feed their families. In fact, some feel like they're between a rock and a hard place.
Reality Check: Countdown To Government ShutdownThe State of Minnesota will send out the first of nearly 36,000 layoff notices Wednesday to state workers ahead of a possible government shutdown.
Dayton Administration Starts Shutdown PreparationsState agency commissioners in the administration of Gov. Mark Dayton are preparing for a possible state government shutdown in case the governor and legislative Republicans can't settle on a state budget by the end of June.
'March For The Middle Class' In St. PaulHundreds of Minnesotans marched from the St. Paul Cathedral to the State Capitol Monday in what they're calling, "We are One: March for the Middle Class."
Reality Check: Pensions For MN, WI State WorkersMinnesota public workers already pay more for their pensions than public workers in Wisconsin.
Wis. Teacher Reacts To Controversial Budget BillJarrod Hamdorf has been a math teacher for ten years. His wife’s been a Spanish teacher for nine. They both have master's degrees. Even though they’re established in their careers, they’re both considering leaving the field.
Wis. State Workers Protest 'Assault On Workers' Rights'More protests are planned across Wisconsin on Thursday over a proposal that unions call an assault on workers' rights.