People Generally Look At Their Phones Around People For 3 Reasons, Study FindsDo you have a friend who can't help checking their phone no matter where you are ... or maybe that person is you?
This Spring Cleaning Task Is Your #1 Top PriorityA new survey suggests people say they need about 16 days on average to tackle the task. More than three-quarters of Americans say home tidiness and personal well-being go hand in hand.
Average Person Has Over $260 Worth Of Clothes They've Never WornA new survey from the U.K. shows people complain that they have nothing to wear six times a month. But they also had an average of $268 worth of outfits they've never worn.
Workers Rank Broccoli As Smelliest Food When It's Reheated, Followed By FishWith some workers returning to the office, there may be more people warming up food. Some of that food smell may not be appreciated.
Is Who You Know At Work More Important Than What You Know?A new survey from the U.K. shows four out of five people think people with good connections have the advantage over hard workers. In all, 68% think people use their connections to land a job.
3 In 4 Prefer To Stay In Over Going Out, Survey FindsSeventy percent said they have hoped plans would be canceled so they can just stay in.
More Than Half Of Adults Say They're Turning Into Their Parents, Survey FindsAmong the top signs are nodding off on the sofa, repeating the same jokes, and saving old boxes and bags.
Survey: The Best (And Worst) Ways To Get EngagedNow a new survey shows what people think are the best and worst ways to get engaged. A romantic dinner, tops the best list, followed by during a holiday or on vacation.
Millennials, Men Most Likely To Say Money Makes Them Happier Than LoveAs we edge closer to Valentine's Day, which is more important -- money or love? Men, millennials and six-figure earners were the most likely to say money.
Minnesota Ranks Among Top 10 Most Active States, But It's Not All Good NewsThe Centers for Disease Control and Prevention tracked all 50 states and found those in the south are least active. Colorado has the most active people.
Average Person Overindulges In Junk Food 3 Times Weekly, Survey FindsFurthermore, the survey found that 62% feel they "sacrifice taste over nutritional value when it comes to healthy snacks."
Time Wasted On Hold Adds Up To 624 Hours Annually, Survey SuggestsMore than half of respondents said waiting on hold is the biggest time thief. That was followed by waiting in line and sitting in traffic. Social media was also a big time drain.
1 In 3 Americans Opting For eBooksMore Americans are reading eBooks, according to a new survey. In fact, 30% of the people surveyed said they had read an e-book in the past year.
Millennials Expect To Retire At 59; Boomers Not 'Til They're 68What age do you expect to finally be able to clock out from the 9-to-5 for good? Your answer may depend on how old you are right now.
Most Say The Book Is Better Than The Movie, Survey FindsWe've talked about people's preferences when it comes to reading a real book versus reading on a tech device. But how about reading a book versus watching a movie based on the book?