Half Of Americans Say They Struggle To Make Simple Dishes In The KitchenA new survey shows that half of Americans say their biggest struggle in the kitchen is cooking something that ought to be simple. Pancakes were deemed the toughest "easy to make" dish, followed by eggs, pasta and mashed potatoes.
Do You Have Conversations With Inanimate Objects?A new survey in the UK found more than half of people regularly chat with objects in their home.
More Americans Excited To Give Gifts Than Receive ThemA new survey suggests that more Americans are excited to give gifts this holiday season, by about a two-to-one margin.
4 In 5 Households With Christmas Trees Opt For ArtificialMore than 94 million American households, or 79%, were expected to have a Christmas tree up this holiday season, according to a Nielsen Survey. Of those trees, four in five will be artificial, and only 20% will be real.
Holiday Return Season Starting Earlier & Lasting Longer, Survey FindsIt used to be people would wait until after Christmas to return gifts. However, an annual survey shows that holiday return season is starting earlier and lasting longer.
Most Think They're Easy To Shop For, Survey FindsA new survey shows 58% of people think they're easy to shop for. Only one in 20 say they are impossible to shop for. Two out of three of those impossible ones say they're really picky about what they want.
Most Americans Dread Taking Part In Secret Santa Gift Exchanges, Study FindsA new survey shows 79% of Americans dread taking part in Secret Santa. More than half said wrapping presents was their most-hated task of the season.
Most Americans Rank Buying A Home Over Getting MarriedA new poll shows 82% of Americans surveyed say investing in a home is more important than a big wedding. Furthermore, 77% of those surveyed said they'd rather invest in a home than spend money on an expensive vacation.
4 In 5 Parents Report Feeling Extra Pressure This Holiday SeasonA new study conducted on behalf of The Toy Association found four out of five parents feel they need to make this holiday season extra special for kids. More than half of the 2,000 parents polled said they struggle to get their hands on what their kids want.
Most People Believe In 'Soul Mates,' Survey FindsA recent survey found that 73% say yes, they believe in soul mates. Another 72% consider themselves romantics and believe people are destined to be together.
Kitchen Tops List For People's Most-Desired Home UpgradesIf you had $10,000 to spend on upgrading your home, where would you put the money?
Saturday Mornings Are Favorite Time To Clean House, Survey FindsThe chores people listed enjoying the most were laundry and folding clothes, vacuuming, doing dishes, and scrubbing down the kitchen and cleaning out the sink. Some reported that the act of cleaning and having clean space actually gave them a feeling of euphoria.
The Least Favorite Traditional Thanksgiving Side Dish Is ...According to the survey, 27% of Americans give candied yams a big thumbs down. Green bean casserole was close behind, followed by cranberry sauce and sweet potato casserole.
Nearly 60% Of Workers Avoid Calling In Sick, Fearing Criticism By EmployerBut a new survey shows 58% of workers still avoid calling out sick over worries they'll be criticized by their employer. Three in five say they push themselves to clock in unless their feeling so bad they can't get out of bed.
1 In 4 Americans Say Halloween Is Their Favorite HolidayAccording to a survey, nearly a quarter of Americans say Halloween is their favorite holiday. Two in five say they like it, but it isn't their favorite. On the flipside, one in five say they don't really like Halloween and 10% of people don't celebrate it at all.