Gov. Walz Set To Sign Minnesota Ban On Toxic Chemical TCECompanies will be given help to find alternatives to using the chemical, prohibiting the use by June of 2022.
Minnesota House Approves Legislation To Ban Toxic Chemical TCE; Gov. Walz Expected To Sign This WeekThe Minnesota House passed a bill Wednesday to ban the use of toxic chemical TCE. Gov. Tim Walz is expected to sign it into law this week, which would make Minnesota the first state to ban TCE.
MN Senate Passes Bill Banning Toxic Chemical TCE, House To Vote Next WeekNeighbors who live near Water Gremlin in White Bear Township have been vocal since learning the manufacturing plant put their families at risk.
Minnesota Senate OK's Ban On Toxic Chemical TCE, House To Vote NextFor years, people living near Water Gremlin were unknowingly exposed to extreme and unsafe levels of the toxic chemical TCE.
Water Gremlin, In Appeals Court, Says It Shouldn't Have To Clean Employees' HomesWednesday morning, an attorney for Water Gremlin said the company is working on reducing lead on its White Bear Township property, but that's where the requirement ends.
Addressing Water Gremlin In The LegislatureLawmakers are taking action to make sure another Water Gremlin doesn't happen. The manufacturing plant in White Bear Township endangered the community and raised several pollution concerns.
Water Gremlin Gets Green Light To Restart A Manufacturing OperationWater Gremlin still has other issues. There's an MPCA administrative order dealing with hazardous waste, and the company is under court order to make sure lead doesn't migrate off its property.
Water Gremlin Confirms 2 Fires In A WeekWCCO has learned there have been at least two fires in a week at a manufacturing plant that is already under investigation for polluting.
Water Gremlin Pushes Back Against Cleaning Workers HomesA manufacturing plant, with a history of pollution, argues it shouldn't have to pay to clean-up the latest problem.
Water Gremlin Efforts To Make ImprovementsCommunity members got a chance to ask questions on Wednesday about the investigation into a Twin Cities factory with a history of pollution.
Water Gremlin Says It’s Stopped Lead Migration ProblemA Twin Cities factory says it's stopped a problem that caused lead poisoning in kids.