With Heavy February Snow And March Rains, Some Roofs Are At Their LimitRain, like what's been falling on Wednesday and is likely to repeat on Thursday, can get absorbed by snow pack that's leftover on the roof, almost like a sponge.
It's Not Too Late To Buy A Snowblower, It SeemsMany hardware stores are hoping this is the last storm because supplies are running thin, but WCCO's John Lauritsen did manage to find supplies in stock.
Minnesota Weather: Where Does This Season's Snow Stand In The History Books?The amount of snow that fell in February was record-breaking, with 39 inches at MSP Airport positively obliterating the previous February record of 26.5 inches.
MnDOT Warns Motorists After String Of Snowplow CrashesSome of the main causes for crashes are motorists driving too close to snowplows, distracted driving and driving too fast for the conditions.
Snow-Clogged Twin Cities May Restrict Parking To 1 SideFire trucks and other emergency vehicles need a minimum of 15 to 18 feet to pass through. So the cities are contemplating winter parking restrictions.
Minnesota Weather: Where Does All That Snow Go?Without any large melts in between our recent snowfalls, removing the piles along downtown Minneapolis streets is becoming a challenge.
Plow Drivers Working Overtime To Catch Up With February's SnowWe've broken three daily snowfall records this month. So far, this is the fifth-snowiest month since the year 2000. And there's still two weeks left of February.
Snowy School Closures Setting Districts Even Further BackFrom musicals and arts to athletics, losing five days of school essentially means five make-up dates for sporting events like basketball games and wrestling matches.
Minnesota Weather: A Brief Polar Vortex Déjà VuAfter our second helping of snow Thursday, dangerous temperatures are returning to Minnesota Friday.
Wisconsin Weather: Finding The Silver Lining Of This Week's Piles Of SnowOn the one hand, conditions looked picture perfect, with fresh white snow falling everywhere. On the other, it turned everything else into a bit of a hassle.
Minneapolis Offers Free Salt, Sand To Combat IceExperts told WCCO to use salt sparingly, but there's nothing better for melting ice when roads and sidewalks are so dangerously slick.
Ice-Covered Roads, Walks Remain TreacherousState Troopers responded to hundreds of spinouts and crashes across the state as motorists slipped and slid into ditches, medians and each other.
Healthy Fish, Ash Borer Eradication: This Cold Snap Has Some UpsidesAnother reason the cold is good for the lakes is that it helps preserve the ice by giving balance to our warmer winter days.
Amid Brutal Cold, Fairview Southdale Is Having A Baby BoomEvery time a new baby is born at Fairview Southdale Hospital, a lullaby plays. That lullaby has been ringing through the halls 60 times since Monday.
House By House, Heat Restored To Princeton ResidentsXcel Energy's natural gas service wasn't working for 152 homes in Princeton because of the extreme cold.