Pizza Vs. Wings: Which Super Bowl Snack Reigns Supreme?

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  • Tradition
    Pizza has been around in America longer than wings, but dates on how long it's had an association with the game is a little less easy to pin down. It's just been a weekly food staple for most Americans for decades and decades.
    So history tells it, wings as we know them have only been around since the 1970s at the earliest. The city of Buffalo declared it Chicken Wing Day on July 29, 1977.
  • Flavor
    Pizza is comfort food, but part of that comfort comes from the predictability of its flavor. It's a taste bud safe zone, but as any reality competition show based on talent reveals, "safe" is often a dangerous place to be.
    Wings are designed to give your taste buds a quick kick. The heat of the sauce combined with the coolness of the blue cheese or ranch is a flavor sensation.
  • Mouthfeel
    Since we're talking about your basic delivery pizza, the word "comfort" comes into play once again. A decent hand-tossed pizza is like a pillow of dough in your mouth, capped off by a satisfying crunch from the crust.
    Wings are a greasy, gooey atrocity. It's like a party in your mouth ... that happened the night before and all you get now is the mess afterward.
  • Ubiquity
    Unless you live under a rock or perhaps among an armed militia on federal property, pizza can be delivered to you.
    Many places that do pizza now also do wings, but the map of wing coverage still shows some dead zones.
  • Healthiness
    It's carbs and fat. Those peppers and onions on top aren't fooling anyone.
    Carbs and fat are in the mix here too, but there's a much higher dosage of protein to balance it out. Wings aren't winning the Bob Harper seal of approval, but they're aiight.
  • Scrabble Score
    Even using the necessary blank tile to manage that second "z" gets you 15 points.
    Just 9 points, loser.
  • Versatility
    Here's the category where we explore the variations. Pizza's come a long way. You've got thin crust, deep dish, wood-fire, stuffed crust. Every region seems to have its own "style."
    You can dress them up in different outfits -- honey, sriracha, Jamaican jerk -- but ... they're still just wings.
  • Web Team's Vote
    In case it came down to breaking a tie, we put this to the web team's vote ...
    ... and the result was a tie. Oops
Some die-hard wings fans might argue they're more explicitly associated with the Super Bowl, and that you can eat pizza any day. But that's just it -- you can eat pizza any day. Because it's amazing! No contest, pizza wins.