You see them on the field, the court and the ski hill — the professional athletes here in Minnesota (and almost everywhere) sometimes feel untouchable. Don’t you wonder what they’re like outside of the athletic arena? Well, some Minnesota athletes have jumped onto Twitter to communicate with fans or to just let everyone know what they’re up to. Check out this list of some of the best Minnesota athlete “Tweeters” — the ones who have plenty to say or sometimes, too much.

(credit: CBS)

Michael Cuddyer – Minnesota Twins – Outfielder

The Minnesota Twins outfielder, who stepped up to play first base last year, uses his Twitter account to update tweeps about charity functions. Lately he has taken a lot of time to answering questions from fans — like what song should he use for at-bat music and or his favorite place to play. During the season, you’ll no doubt get post-game updates. This past year, with help from his Tweets, Cuddyer won MLB’s Pepsi Refresh Project — $200,000 to create a specialty softball field for Courage Center’s Rolling Twins youth softball wheelchair team. Or check out the lovely image he sent during spring training, where he had a wart removed from his foot (not for the weak stomach).

(credit: Harry How/Getty Images)

Denard Span – Minnesota Twins – Outfielder

During the Twins season, find game updates (“In the lockeroom hoping to score 20 runs on the yanks today”) and thank yous to fans. In the offseason, check out Span’s Fantasy Football picks (“Can’t wait for the games to start today bc my fantasy team has made the playoffs”) and what’s keeping him busy (“I gotta do some Xmas shopping today!”).  He might not be the most active Tweeter but what he’s got to say is definitely worth a follow.

(credit: Jeff Gross/Getty Images)

Bernard Berrian – Minnesota Vikings – Wide Receiver

Do you ever wonder what Bernard Berrian might be listening to this very second? The Vikings wide receiver must have his Twitter account connected to his music or just really enjoys sharing what’s “#np” (now playing). He’s also a RTer of anything that mentions his name. But you’ll get some great flavor from this player outside of what’s happening on the field or in the locker room. Like what he might be having for dinner or the movie he’s watching. Plus, he interacts with many other athletes through Twitterverse.

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Chris Kluwe – Minnesota Vikings – Punter

There is much more to this punter than kicking a football. You could definitely say that’s his part-time job. His Twitter handle gives you a bit of an insight into his world — that is, World of Warcraft, the popular multiplayer online role-playing video game. And then there is his band – “Tripping Icarus” – and the fact he once held the honor of being the best at Guitar Hero. This California-native tweets about his personal life (“the baby decided to puke on the stairs”) and interacts with those who follow him. And you can still expect great sports insight during the season (“I will be addressing all media inquiries about this season with the answer, ‘It’s because of science’”).

(credit: David Sherman/NBAE via Getty Images)

Anthony Tolliver – Minnesota Timberwolves – Forward

He might not have as many followers as other Timberwolves players but he interacts and has lots to say, which makes him one to follow. Tolliver even gave away tickets to the first three people to tweet him back. Outside of basketball tweets, he’s got positive things to say from enjoying each day to quoting Bible verses (“Love each other with genuine affection, and take delight in honoring each other”).

(credit: Alain Grosclaude/Agence Zoom/Getty Images)

Lindsey Vonn – World Cup Skier – Burnsville, Minn.-native

She might not have lived in Minnesota for too long but we can still claim her, right? Vonn tweets about her races, her training and her sponsors. Her Twitter account is attached to her Facebook page, so you can see fun pictures and videos she has to share. Besides, she’s got some great friends in high places and her interaction with them is fun to follow.