DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Julianne At Trader Joe’s In Woodbury

June 11, 2012 3:00 AM

dyr minn DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Julianne At Trader Joes In Woodbury

“The bluebird of happiness has always been in my life.”

The Ride
The Driver: Julianne
Car in Question: 2009 VW Passat
Spotted at: Trader Joe’s In Woodbury, 8960 Hudson Rd Woodbury, MN 55125
Odometer: 35,000
Car’s Nickname: The Bluebird


Q: Hi Julianne. I love this car. How did you choose this car?

A: When I went to look for a new car, I really looked at the colors. I wanted a blue car. I was going to get a 2010, but the 2010 VWs didn’t come in blue—not even navy blue. I saw this earlier model and searched around to find one.

Q: Why did the color blue mean so much to you?

A: When I was getting ready to go to kindergarten, my great uncle sent me this teeny little bracelet with a bluebird on it, and said, “I hope your life in school will bring you great happiness.” I now wear the charm on a necklace. The bluebird of happiness has always been in my life, so whenever I see that vibrant blue, I’m like, “Oh, that color makes me happy!”

Q: That is so sweet! I can tell you really love this car.

A: There are things I will spend money on and things I won’t. But I think your environment has so much to do with how you feel. If I have a car that makes me happy when I see it and when I get into it, that is well worth it.

Q: That is huge, and well said. Do you go on many trips in this car?

A: Our other vehicle is a big truck, so we use this for family trips. We’ve gone on lots of day trips in it.

Q: Do you have a favorite road trip snack?

A: Licorice. I always have licorice in my glove compartment.

Q: What kind of music do you listen to in here?

A: I like to crank the sassy Lily Allen! As a mom of two teenagers, I try to set a good example, but I love to get a little bit of edgy girl power back when I’m alone. That’s when I can be sassy. I can swear when I sing along.

Q: What human emotion would your car have?

A: Happiness! Hello!?

Q: Oh yeah, of course. Anything else you’d like to share with us?

A: You know how people judge other people, thinking if they don’t have enough money to do this or that, then they shouldn’t have a nice car? I support the choice of a nice car 100 percent. People in poverty have such little control over their neighborhood, or their rental property—but a car is something you can realistically have that expresses who you are. It makes people happy. Out on the road, they are not less than someone else. You can have some personal power, and a little bit of dignity.

Photos and interview by Michelle Leon

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