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Duluth Homegrown Music Festival
P.O. Box 16505
Duluth, MN 55816
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Dates: April 29 to May 6, 2012

The Duluth Homegrown Music Festival got its unofficial start as a result of one epic birthday celebration and a whole lot of beer. From its humble beginnings – a handful of bands gathered to memorialize Scott “Starfire” Lunt’s 30th birthday – the Homegrown Music Festival has grown into a large-scale music festival spanning eight days. Each year the Festival features a rockin’ lineup of local talent that can be seen playing dozens of venues bridging two cities – Duluth, Minnesota and Superior, Wisconsin. Now entering its 14th year, the annual Homegrown Music Festival of 2012 will feature exciting new additions and the return of inventive opportunities that are anticipated to stimulate interest and attendance. Read on for a preview of the upcoming artistic alterations and be sure to clear your schedule for this year’s Homegrown Music Festival, which runs April 29 through May 6, 2012.

More Homegrown Art
While the main attraction to the Homegrown Music Festival is live music, it has expanded to include other forms of art. This year, Homegrown has happily announced a recurrence of visual art displays from local artists. Artists chosen to participate may choose to either sell or display their art for festival-goers to enjoy. If you are a local artist who resides in the Duluth/Superior area and are interested in showcasing your art, visit for more information on how to get involved.

More Music Videos
Know of or are you part of a talented, local band looking for an opportunity for increased exposure and collaboration? Why not star in a local music video? Homegrown will once again be teaming up with the Free Range Film Festival to bring bands and music video visionaries together. Local musicians and filmmakers alike are encouraged to submit tracks and offer their services to make videos that showcase local, artistic talent. Interested parties are encouraged to contact Anne as soon as possible. Check out music videos featured at past Festival’s to get those creative juices flowing.

New Faces
The Homegrown Music Festival wouldn’t be possible without the efforts of those dedicated to planning and organizing eight days of live, local talent. This year Walt “Dizzo” Raschick will be replacing Shana David-Massett as festival director. No stranger to the local music scene, Raschick has served on the Homegrown steering committee in previous years and has been a music director at radio station KUWS since 2004. His widely known local involvement in the film, visual art, and music communities further makes him a valued asset to the production of this year’s Homegrown Music Festival.

In addition to a new festival director, Melissa LaTour has accepted the position of volunteer coordinator. Like Raschick, LaTour has spent years volunteering with the Festival and in supporting local music. Raschick and LaTour will be assisted by a steering committee responsible for planning and producing this year’s Homegrown Music Festival.

New faces, new talent, and an effort to expand displays of local artistry are anticipated to continue the Festival’s increasing success. That, and of course, a bunch of beer. Keep an eye out on the Homegrown Music Festival website to stay up to date on what local acts and venues will be participating. Support your local music scene by volunteering to help out at this year’s Homegrown Music Festival! For more information on volunteering opportunities, visit the Volunteer Info! page.

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