Ahh, Twitter — for better or worse, it has changed the way we view those in the public eye, including our beloved professional athletes. And while some haven’t quite figured out what’s appropriate for social media (*cough* Ochocinco *cough*) others really get it and, in turn, give their fans even more reason to adore them.

Included in that latter list is plenty of our very own Minnesota Vikings. Here’s a few that are certainly worth a follow.

No. 1: Blair Walsh

Kicker Blair Walsh may be best known for his accurate abilities on the field but he’s quite the force on twitter, as well. From his “expert analysis” of college football to his perfectly simplistic tweets summing up Sunday’s Vikes game, Walsh gives fans a lot of humor, a look inside his golf game and generous amounts of fan interaction. Bonus points for the occasional dog photo and tweet.

No. 2: Cordarrelle Patterson

Not only is Cordarrelle Patterson an explosive wide receiver, he’s also a highly entertaining Twitter-er … Twitter user? Twit? I dunno. You get it. Under the handle, @ceeflashpee84, Patterson tweets plenty of support for his fellow MN teams, behind-the-scenes photos of his game day and yes, now that he’s making a name for himself, there’s a bit more sponsorship to be seen. Still, who can resist following a guy that gives himself the nickname “Flash.”

No. 3: Greg Jennings

Greg Jennings has crazy cute kids and thanks to his fabulous Twitter account, we get a tiny glimpse of them every now and then. Beyond his family pics, he also gives fans a chance to win Vikings tickets through his creative selfie giveaways, shows his gratitude for the Vikings nation by RTing fan pics and gives us a sneak peek of his out-of-uniform style.

No. 4: Kyle Rudolph

TE Kyle Rudolph has hit a bit of a rough patch with his latest injury but what he shares on Twitter gives all of his fans hope. After his six-week setback was announced, Rudolph took to his Twitter page to thank the fans for their support and to promise a rapid recovery.

No. 5: Chris Kluwe

OK yes, Chris Kluwe is no longer with the Minnesota Vikings but when it comes to tweets that turn into news, Kluwe’s account was a must-follow during his years in purple and gold. From his battle to help legalize gay marriage to his opinions on the NFL, Kluwe has never held back when it comes to speaking his mind, 140 characters at a time. Love him or loathe him, if you don’t follow him, you’ll likely hear about his tweets later anyway.

Honorable Mention: Sam Ponder

Sure, we’re cheating a little but c’mon, Christian Ponder hasn’t tweeted in more than a year. Thankfully, his lovely wife has — and not only that but she shares adorable photos of No. 7 and his (super precious) new daughter. For bonus baby pics, be sure to follow her Instagram account, too.