When shopping around for unique flavor and original mashed potato dishes in Minnesota, there are always tasty options available. The key is making a good balance between the butter and cream along with other ingredients. Each venue below has its own house recipe and different combinations that will turn your eating experience into a memorable one.

Ciao Bella
3501 Minnesota Drive
Bloomington, MN 55435
(952) 841-1000

Ciao Bella first opened its doors in 1997 and is committed to serving hand-crafted food prepared with fresh and organic ingredients. This upscale restaurant is notorious for being popular and in demand because of its unique recipes. Every single meal on the menu is served with undivided attention and that includes the mashed potatoes that come with fish. The walleye Milanese – fused with natural ingredients – will leave additional room in your stomach for the mashed potatoes that come with it. If you love slightly spiced potatoes, then the Pesto Sea Bass is another house specialty. It comes with wasabi mashed potatoes, which spices up all of the flavors for this dish.

The Chatterbox Pub
800 Cleveland Ave. S.
St. Paul, MN 55116
(651) 699-1154

The Chatterbox Pub is considered your neighborhood restaurant with American-style cuisine. This retro venue offers all sorts of board games, old-school Nintendo, Atari or Sega video game systems that you once enjoyed during your childhood. The portions are a mouthful and the prices are fairly reasonable. Chatterbox has red pepper mashed potatoes that come with different dishes, and the mouth-watering taste is just phenomenal. You can order barbecue ribs with Chatterbox’s signature potatoes, the almond breaded walleye, the empyreal roasted chicken breast and more. There is no special occasion to order mashed potatoes. Just come on over, play a video game and enjoy an old-school meal.

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Jax Cafe
1928 University Ave.
Minneapolis, MN 55418
(612) 789-7297

Jax Cafe has been around for over 100 years. Initially it opened in 1910 where the building housed a hardware, furniture and funeral services. After the ban on liquor lifted, the owners purchased the liquor license and eventually turned the Jax Cafe into what it is today: a classic American steakhouse. When it comes to delicious potatoes dishes, Jax has versatility to bring forth a varied selection. Enjoy the pierogi platter (potato and cheese), the potato salad, the beer can chicken with mashed potatoes, the polish sausage with boiled potatoes and more. The portions are generous, the staff friendly and the quality of the food is unmatchable.

Stella’s Fish Cafe
1400 W. Lake St.
Minneapolis, MN 55408
(612) 824-8862

Stella’s Fish Cafe is an iconic restaurant located in the heart of Uptown Minneapolis. This four-story rooftop features an attractive, modern design with a nice spacious bar and flat-screen televisions. The top floor is a favorite in the summer and the menu items are an absolute delicacy. The garlic chive mashed potatoes are a wonderful addition to the blackened swordfish, the crab-stuffed Norwegian salmon or any choice from the sandwich section. Don’t forget to checkout the photograph in the men’s restroom for laughs.

Manny’s Steakhouse
825 Marquette Ave. S.
Minneapolis, MN 55402
(612) 339-9900

Manny’s Steakhouse is a different kind of place where true meat lovers and carnivores come together to enjoy delicious red meat. If you enjoy a generous slice of meat, make sure to try the salty Manny’s original potatoes to go with it. The loaded mashed potatoes, the house made chips or even hashbrowns will leave you craving more. Grab a bite early in the morning and order the Yukon golden breakfast potatoes. This is an award-winning restaurant that has constantly received positive reviews from local publications to important news agencies like The New York Times.

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