We keep hearing more about cryptocurrency. But, are you ready to trust it enough for your paycheck?

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Feedback: Would You Take Your Paycheck in Crypto?We keep hearing more about cryptocurrency. But, are you ready to trust it enough for your paycheck?
What The Fed’s Move To Curb Inflation Means For YouWith consumer prices climbing at the fastest rate in 40 years, the federal reserve has announced it’s trying to curb inflation by raising its key short-term interest rate one quarter of a percent.
How Russia-Ukraine Conflict Could Affect Your MoneyThe war between Russia and Ukraine has caused jitters all around the financial world.
Kashkari: Long Road From Economy After PandemicThe president of the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis says the economy still has a long way to go as it recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic (0:49). WCCO 4 News At 5:30 - May 9, 2021
MN Federal Reserve Bank Pres. On What Is Needed To Keep The Economy GoingThe president of the Minnesota Federal Reserve Bank gave lawmakers three things they can do to keep Minnesota on the road to recovery (2:28) WCCO 4 News At 6 - Feb. 2, 2021
How Election Day Could Affect Your WalletDustin Smith from Wealth Enhancement Group shares some advice (3:18). WCCO Mid-Morning - November 3, 2020
Web Extra: Extended Interview With Neel Kashkari"Every one of those small businesses that shuts its doors permanently, that means it's gonna be a much slower recovery for the economy as a whole," Kashkari told WCCO's Jeff Wagner (6:46). WCCO 4 News - October 7, 2020
Breaking Down The Financial Legislation Changes Of Recent YearsDustin Smith from Wealth Enhancement Group talks about the Tax Reform Bill of 2017, COVID legislation, and the SECURE Act (3:34). WCCO Mid-Morning - September 29, 2020
How To Claim Money That's Owed To YouRamsey County is working to connect people with nearly a quarter of a million dollars that's owed to them. WCCO’s David Schuman looks at what happens to unclaimed money in Minnesota, (1:55). WCCO 4 News at 10 – September 19, 2020
Good Question: How Does Indoor COVID Transmission Differ From Outdoor?The Minnesota Department of Health doesn't currently collect data on whether COVID transmission happens indoors or outdoors – but there’s a big worry about what happens when cold weather arrives, reports Heather Brown (2:30). WCCO 4 News At 10 - September 1, 2020
Minnesotans Unemployed Due To COVID-19 To Get $300 WeeklyThe money should help soften the blow when money from the federal COVID-19 stimulus package ended in late July, Bill Hudson reports (1:53). WCCO 4 News At 6 - August 28, 2020
Preparing Your Finances For Long-Term CareDustin Smith from Wealth Enhancement Group talks about what you can expect to need when it comes to long-term care later in life (3:13). WCCO Mid-Morning - August 25, 2020
How To Clean Up And Build Your CreditA lot of people are having a hard time financially as the coronavirus pandemic continues, Isaiah Goodman from MoneyVerbs explains (2:49). WCCO Mid-Morning - August 21, 2020
Advice On Capital Gains And Your RetirementDustin Smith from Wealth Enhancement Group breaks down what each of these concepts entails (3:27). WCCO Mid-Morning - August 18, 2020
Advice On How And When To DownsizeAt some point in life, you may realize you have too much stuff and too much space, Dustin Smith from Wealth Enhancement Group reports (4:01). WCCO Mid-Morning - August 11, 2020
Mpls. Federal Reserve Head Talks On Economic FearThis week we learned COVID-19 led to the worst quarterly economic report ever recorded. The second quarter U.S. gross domestic product plunged a record 32.9% (0:48). WCCO 4 News At 10 - August 2, 2020
Tips To Make Sure You're Not The Victim Of A COVID-19 Money ScamDustin Smith from Wealth Enhancement Group explains (3:40). WCCO Mid-Morning - July 28, 2020
What Unemployment Benefits Might Look Like For The Rest Of The YearThe proposal is not expected to have the extra $600-dollars-a-week of unemployment benefits, but rather a measure to replace about 70-percent of a person's wage, Isaiah Goodman of MoneyVerbs explains (4:05). WCCO Mid-Morning - July 27, 2020
Are You Saving Enough For Retirement?Dustin Smith from Wealth Enhancement Group breaks down the age benchmarks for your retirement accounts (3:32). WCCO Mid-Morning - July 21, 2020
Gov. Announces $100M From CARES Act To Help Minnesotans Pay RentGov. Walz announces $100M from CARES Act will help Minnesotans struggling to pay rent, Esme Murphy reports (1:56). WCCO 4 News at 6 - July 14, 2020
Should You Dip Into Your 401K Amid Pandemic Panic?Dustin Smith from Wealth Enhancement Group shares some advice (2:55). WCCO Mid-Morning - July 14, 2020
How A Volatile Market Might Help Your Retirement SavingsAn individual retirement account lets you save for retirement in a tax-advantaged way, money expert, Dustin Smith, from Wealth Enhancement Group, explains (3:01). WCCO Mid-Morning - June 30, 2020
What You Need To Know About The New Tax DeadlineWealth Enhancement Group's Dustin Smith explains (3:51). WCCO Mid-Morning - June 23, 2020
Financial Inequalities Plague Minnesota's Minority CommunitiesThe Twin Cities metro area, in particular, ranks among the lowest places in the country when it comes to income equality, Nick Foulks from Great Waters Financial explains (4:36). WCCO Mid-Morning - June 12, 2020

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