Get Movin' Monday: Road Trip SnacksSummer is the season of road trips. But instead of chips or candy, Regions Hospital Clinical Dietitian Specialist Emily Niswanger offered up some healthy alternatives, Kim Johnson reports (6:26). WCCO This Morning – July 18, 2016
Healthy Summer SnacksSummer is a busy time, which means many of us are often on the go. Lifestyle expert Jasmine Stringer offers up tips on creating healthy snacks to keep energy up and weight low, Jason DeRusha and Kylie Bearse report (3:33). WCCO Mid-Morning – July 12, 2016
Healthy Fourth Of July SnacksHealth and fitness expert Ali Holman offers up festive and health snacks for the Fourth of July holiday, Jason DeRusha and Kylie Bearse report (4:20). WCCO Mid-Morning – July 4, 2016
Incorporating Whole Grains Into Your DietResearchers found that people who ate three or more servings of whole grains a day had a 20 percent reduced risk of premature death. So, Sue Moores from Kolwalski’s offers up ways to get those grains in your diet, Kim Johnson reports (6:54). WCCO This Morning – June 22, 2016
Mid-Morning Panel: Celebrity Junk Food EndorsementsA new study showed 79 percent of promoted beverages were fruity drinks, and 80 percent of the foods were not healthy when it comes to nutrients (3:31). WCCO Mid-Morning - June 7, 2016
Try This Most-Requested Wild Rice Salad RecipeKylie Bearse and Jason DeRusha talk with Chelsea Russell, event coordinator from the Wild Rice Council (3:55). WCCO Mid-Morning - June 2, 2016
Mid-Morning Panel: Your Ground Beef Questions AnsweredThere are a couple of different ways the lean and fat content is figured out and tests show it is pretty accurate (2:32). WCCO Mid-Morning - May 20, 2016
Tasty Recipes That Are Bathing Suit Season-FriendlyJason DeRusha and Matt Brickman get some healthy cooking tips from chef Lawrence Kirkland from the Oceanaire Seafood Room (3:42). WCCO Mid-Morning - April 18, 2016
Good Question: How Are Calories Measured In Food?Larger chain restaurants and fast-food places will be required to post this calorie information by the end of the year. But how is that amount even determined? Heather Brown answers this Good Question (3:08). WCCO 4 News At 10 – December 9, 2015
New York City Declares War On SaltStarting Tuesday, New York City will require restaurants to put little salt shakers next to highly salted items on menus, Kim Johnson reports (0:50). WCCO This Morning – Dec. 1, 2015
Healthy Alternatives To Christmas CookiesMany of us eat a lot of extra calories during the holiday season and a big part of that are Christmas cookies. So fitness expert Ali Holman offers up two alternatives to the caloric cookie, Jason DeRusha and Kylie Bearse report (3:21). WCCO Mid-Morning – Nov. 30, 2015
Get Movin' Monday: Winter DietsAs the weather gets cold it can be hard to stick to a healthy diet. So Kolwalski's Markets nutritionist Sue Moores helps us with a cold weather strategy to dieting, Kim Johnson reports (6:54). WCCO This Morning – Nov. 16, 2015
Study: Mediterranean Diet Can Help Aging BrainsKeeping a diet with less saturated fatty acids, meat and dairy can be good for your brain’s health, Danielle Nottingham reports (1:29). WCCO 4 News At 5 – October 21, 2015
Panel Discussion: Oprah Winfrey Buys Stake In Weight WatchersThe news team discusses. (3:20) WCCO This Morning – Oct. 20, 2015
WCCO Viewers Weigh In On Diet TrendsNew research suggests if you’re trying to lose body fat, try low fat diets not low carb diets. Here’s what you had to say about that, Jamie Yuccas, Jason DeRusha, Matt Brickman and Nina Moini report (1:04). WCCO Mid-Morning – August 14, 2015
Amp Up Your Workout With Strong Pre, Post MealsWe've all heard "food is fuel." But when it comes to eating before and after meals, the fuel you feed yourself is very important, Ali Holman reports (4:08). WCCO Mid-Morning – August 3, 2015
Study: Picky Eating May Be Early Signs Of AnxietyA new study says parents shouldn’t fret over picky eaters. However, a small portion of the study did show that picky eating can be a signal of emotional problems, Ali Lucia, Jason DeRusha, Lauren Casey and Matt Brickman report (1:57). WCCO Mid-Morning – August 3, 2015
Study: Cutting Calories Isn't Making America HealthierA new study shows that while Americans may be cutting calories they still aren’t eating all that healthy, Jason DeRusha and Kim Johnson report (1:04). WCCO This Morning – August 3, 2015
Get Movin' Monday: Relieve Bloating And Water WeightThere are few things worse than feeling bloated when you’re supposed to be in a swimsuit all day. So, Senia Mae offer some tips for avoiding bloating and water weight this summer, Kim Johnson reports (6:47). WCCO This Morning – July 13, 2015
Healthy, Tasty Gluten-Free GoodiesGoing gluten-free can sometimes mean less flavor, or even more calories! So Ali Holman shows some delicious treats that are also low-cal for the gluten-free, Jason DeRusha and Kylie Bearse report (4:25). WCCO Mid-Morning – July 6, 2015
Healthy Grilling Options For Your Fourth Of JulyFourth of July means barbecues, burgers, chips and cookies. Which can be hard on our waistlines. So, we’re grilling up some healthier options of WCCO This Morning, Kim Johnson reports (6:08). WCCO This Morning – July 1, 2015
Get Movin' Monday: Rethink Your DrinkWhen you grab a sports drink or juice you can see how much sugar is in it on the label, but what does that really mean? Jamie Yuccas reports (7:23). WCCO This Morning – June 29, 2015
WCCO Learns Safe, Healthy Grilling TechniquesRecent studies say that char on meat isn’t really good for you. Nutritionist Sue Moores from Kolwalski’s Markets offers up some safe, and tasty, grilling techniques, Kim Johnson reports (3:11). WCCO This Morning – June 17, 2015
Get Movin' Monday: Memorial Day GrillingDespite the weather, Memorial Day is the unofficial start of summer and the unofficial start of grilling season. Stay healthy this season with some delicious, heart-smart recipes, Kim Johnson reports. WCCO This Morning

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