Floral-Related Ways To Celebrate Work ColleaguesEmployee Appreciation Week highlights the important role our colleagues and team members play in the workplace. Susie Bachman West with Bachman's is here to share ideas to celebrate your colleagues! (2:43) WCCO Mid-Morning – April 19, 2018
Are Top Sheets Necessary?A debate online suggests millennials are getting rid of the top sheet, seeing it as an unnecessary addition. While this may remove an extra step in the bed making process, it may force you to wash your comforter more (2:46). WCCO Mid-Morning - April 13, 2018
Are Your Green Thumbs Twiddling This Spring?Adam Bachman with Bachman's has some ideas to keep you occupied while we wait for spring to actually start (). WCCO Mid-Morning - April 12, 2018
Severe Weather Awareness Week: What Homeowners Should KnowThis is Severe Weather Awareness Week in Minnesota. As we head toward another severe weather season, we're reminded of all of the damage storms can do. Charles Thayer with All Around, a local home contracting company, is here to talk about what homeowners need to know. (3:22) WCCO Mid-Morning – April 9, 2018
Single Female Homebuyers On The RiseA survey shows the number of single, female homebuyers is on the rise, while the number of married couples buying a home dipped for the third straight year (3:04). WCCO Mid-Morning - April 9, 2018
Be Sure To Wear Some Flowers In Your HairAllison Buckley from Lili Salon Spa Galleria shows Ali Lucia and Jason DeRusha some hot floral trends (3:02). WCCO This Morning - April 6, 2018
The Latest Formal Flower Trends For Prom SeasonKaren Bachman Thull from Bachman's shares some ideas with Jason DeRusha and Ali Lucia (). WCCO Mid-Morning - April 5, 2018
Tips For Keeping Pets Calm When Moving To New HomeMoving can be very stressful, as Kylie is remembering and when you have pets, a new home can also be stressful for them. Rachel Mairose, Executive Director of Secondhand Hounds is here with tips on helping your pet adjust to a new home. (3:28) WCCO Mid-Morning – April 2, 2018
Youth Volunteers Sought At Habitat For Humanity ReStoreJan Hagerman and her daughter, Priscilla, talk with Ali Lucia and Kylie Bearse (3:31). WCCO Mid-Morning - March 30, 2018
Minneapolis Home & Garden Show Is This WeekendMary McGuire talks with Paul Mayhew, landscape designer for Mickman Bros., and "Trading Spaces" host Paige Davis (8:36). WCCO This Morning - March 30, 2018
It'll Be Cold Outside, So Brighten Easter With FloralsSusie Bachman West shares some displays with Kim Johnson and Kylie Bearse (2:48). WCCO Mid-Morning - March 28, 2018
Crafty Ways To Mark Easter WeekendAli Lucia and Kim Johnson talk with Gianna Kordatzky, from Family Fun Twin Cities, and Lisa MacMartin, owner of Heartfelt (3:24). WCCO This Morning - March 29, 2018
Spring Has Sprung ... Inside, At LeastThe Galleria is hosting the "Spring is in the Air" floral experience, Ali Lucia reports (7:21). WCCO This Morning - March 28, 2018
Don't Make Your Basement Just Sit Collecting JunkCarter Averbeck from Omforme Design has some style ideas for the most neglected area of most houses (2:55). WCCO Mid-Morning - March 23, 2018
Spring Is In The Air, And At The Galleria"Spring is in the Air" is at the Galleria Shopping Center in Edina from March 25 through April 8, Adam Bachman says (3:10). WCCO Mid-Morning - March 22, 2018
Spring Is Here, Now Clean!Twin Cities Frugal Mom, Lisa Baker, has some tips for Jason DeRusha and Kim Johnson (). WCCO This Morning - March 21, 2018
Bachman’s Spring Ideas Home InspiresThrough April 15th, Bachman’s special concept home is decked out for a weekend in the country, reports Mike Augustyniak (3:36). WCCO Saturday Morning – March 17, 2018
Home Accessory Trends This SpringWe're continuing our spring theme this Mid-Morning, with some home accessory trends from the new store "Z Gallerie" at the Galleria in Edina. (3:27) WCCO Mid-Morning – March 15, 2018
Why Wait For The Equinox To Start Decorating For Spring?Karen Bachman Thull shares some decorating tips with Kylie Bearse and Jason DeRusha (3:23). WCCO Mid-Morning - March 15, 2018
DIY Blogger Shows Us A Kitchen RemodelWe have Morgan Molitor, DIY blogger from Construction 2 Style, who just wrapped up a kitchen remodel. (4:20) WCCO This Morning – March 12, 2018
DIY Friday: Dated Entertainment Center Takes New FormAll right, take one last look at this dated Entertainment Center... it's been transformed into something totally new. Jan Hagerman from the Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity ReStore is here to show us. (4:13) WCCO Mid-Morning – March 9, 2018
Tips: Using Indoor Plants For Interior DesignSusie Bachman West with Bachman's is here to share some tips on using indoor plants for interior design. (2:51) WCCO Mid-Morning – March 8, 2018
The Top 5 Home Decoration Mistakes To AvoidCarter Averbeck from Omforme Design runs down the list to Kylie Bearse and Jason DeRusha (3:53). WCCO Mid-Morning - March 2, 2018
Floral Trends For Spring WeddingsSpring is almost here and the season is all about the flowers. Especially if you're planning a wedding or special occasion. Jennifer Bevan from Bachman's is here with some floral trends. (3:07) WCCO Mid-Morning – March 1, 2018

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