Esme Murphy is joined by political analyst Abou Amara and former Minnesota Senate majority leader Amy Koch, and discuss the weekend's Minnesota GOP convention, and what Dr. Scott Jensen's nomination means for the campaign ahead.

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Minnesota GOP Convention: What Dr. Scott Jensen’s Nomination Means For Campaign AheadEsme Murphy is joined by political analyst Abou Amara and former Minnesota Senate majority leader Amy Koch, and discuss the weekend's Minnesota GOP convention, and what Dr. Scott Jensen's nomination means for the campaign ahead.
Talking Points: Scott Jensen’s About-Face On Gun ControlSaturday night, GOP-endorsed gubernatorial candidate Dr. Scott Jensen apologized to delegates in regards to the gun control issue. Esme Murphy takes a look at what Jensen said.
How Planned Parenthood Is Preparing For Potential Reversal Of Roe V. WadeNew polling shows most Minnesota voters want to keep abortion legal in our state.
Scott Jensen Speaks After Winning GOP EndorsementThis weekend Minnesota Republicans endorsed Dr. Scott Jensen for governor after a contentious and lengthy process.
Good Question: Who’s Eligible For ‘Hero Pay’?Jeff Wagner hit the street to make sure workers know how to get what they've earned.
Molotov Cocktail Thrown Through WI Conservative Group’s WindowArson investigators say a someone targeted a conservative political group early Sunday morning in Madison.
Minnesotans Voice Fears, Hope Over Roe V. Wade’s FutureErin Hassanzadeh shows us how Minnesotans are reacting to the news that a draft opinion written by a Supreme Court justice suggests the majority of the court wants to overturn Roe v. Wade.
Scott Fischbach With MN Citizens Concerned For Life Reacts To SCOTUS Draft OpinionScott Fischbach with the group Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life says there is a sense of excitement surrounding the draft opinion.
Planned Parenthood Holds Presser Following Leak Of SCOTUS Draft OpinionPlanned Parenthood North Central States hosted a press conference following the leak of a draft opinion that suggests the Supreme Court could overturn Roe V. Wade.
‘Who Else Is Going To Do It?’: MN Doctor Travels To SD To Work At Its Sole Abortion ClinicDr. Sarah Traxler works at the only abortion clinic in the state of South Dakota, but she lives hours away in Minnesota.
If Roe V. Wade Were Overturned, Would Abortion Still Be Legal In Minnesota?Mitchell Hamline Law School professor Laura Hermer digs into the impacts of the leaked SCOTUS draft opinion.
Report: Draft Opinion Suggest SCOTUS Could Overturn Roe V. WadeIf true, it would end 50 years of constitutional protection of abortion rights and give the states power to make their own rules.
MN Politicians Respond To Report Suggesting SCOTUS May Overturn Roe V. WadeA bombshell report published Monday night by Politico suggests the nation's highest court has voted to strike down Roe vs. Wade.
Clock Ticking Down For 2022 SessionAt the State Capitol, there are just three weeks left in the legislative session, but there are billions of dollars left to figure out how to spend.
Ex-Pentagon Head Says Trump Asked About Shooting ProtestersFormer defense secretary Mark Esper served under then President Trump at the time of the riots in 2020.
First-Look At First-Ever Portrait Of Walter MondaleA renowned portrait artist is giving an early look at what will be a first of its kind portrait of the late Walter Mondale.
Biden Moved To Tears At Mondale MemorialAn emotional memorial service was held Sunday afternoon in Minneapolis for the man who served as the 42nd vice president of the United States.
Rep. Paul Marquart On DFL Surplus PlanDFL lawmakers in the Minnesota House are proposing eliminating social security taxes for some and giving parents a one-time direct payment.
After COVID Delay, Walter Mondale's Memorial To Be Held SundayThis afternoon is the memorial service for former Vice President Walter Mondale, who died one year ago at the age of 93.
WEB EXTRA: Extended Interview With Ted MondaleThe son of late Vice President Walter Mondale talks to WCCO's Esme Murphy about his father's pandemic-delayed memorial service this weekend at the University of Minnesota, as well as his father's long friendship with President Joe Biden, who will be in attendance.
The Search For A News Minneapolis Police ChiefSome Minneapolis families hope a fresh face atop the Minneapolis Police Department will blaze a new trail, with no room for the type of behavior outlined in the damning report by the Minnesota Department of Human Rights.
Report Details How MPD Discriminates Against Black ResidentsIf you're Black in Minneapolis, a police officer is more likely to target you, arrest you, or even use force against you. That's what the state found after a nearly two-year investigation.
Klobuchar Meets With Police Chiefs To Address CarjackingsThe number of carjacking has increased dramatically in Minneapolis with more than 640 incidents in 2021.
Minnesota Senate Passes GOP Public Safety PlanThe Senate has approved a public safety package that Republicans say is tough on crime and supports police officers.

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