Marielle Mohs has more on what led to the arrest -- and how Gabriel the dog is doing today (1:55). WCCO 4 News At 6 – November 12, 2019

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Owner Of Emaciated Dog ArrestedMarielle Mohs has more on what led to the arrest -- and how Gabriel the dog is doing today (1:55). WCCO 4 News At 6 – November 12, 2019
Meet The Wayzata Couple Behind ‘Dog Threads’Doing some holiday shopping for a pet-lover in your life? here's a local company you should know about, reports Erin Hassanzadeh (2:00). WCCO 4 News At 6 – November 8, 2019
Extremely Malnourished Dog On Road To RecoveryMarielle Mohs reports on the worst case of animal abuse a Wisconsin shelter had ever seen (2:06). WCCO 4 News At 10 – November 7, 2019
Viewers React: It’s National Cat Day!WCCO Mid-Morning – Oct. 29, 2019
Brews & Barks At Cowboy Jack'sEmmy Thompson from Spots Last Stop Canine Rescue along with Molly Stege and Danielle Murray bring some puppy power to the WCCO studio (3:46). WCCO Mid-Morning - October 25, 2019
Looking For A Pet This Halloween? Head To Secondhand HoundsKatie Steiner reports on a pet adoption event this weekend (1:49). WCCO This Morning – Oct. 25, 2019
How To Get Your Four-Legged Friends Into The Spirit Of The SeasonLeslie Bachman McWhite from Bachman's and Suzanne Grindle from Safe Hands Rescue talk about Bachman's Howl-O-Ween (2:51). WCCO Mid-Morning - October 24, 2019
'Superpower Dogs' Starts Today At Science MuseumIan Bunbury, along with his superpowered dog Henry, explain (3:56). WCCO Mid-Morning - October 17, 2019
Viewers React: Does Owning A Dog Extend Your Life?WCCO Mid-Morning – Oct. 14, 2019
Cat Lovers, We've Got The Fest For YouThe Twin City Cat Fanciers Cat Show is Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Crystal Community Center, Heather Brown reports (2:44). WCCO Mid-Morning - September 27, 2019
Minnesota Pets Are Tipping The ScalesMinnesotans pride themselves on being active and fit -- but studies show the same doesn't hold true for our pets, reports John Lauritsen (3:34). WCCO 4 News At 10 – September 26, 2019
Meet Swag, Our Pet Guest Of The WeekLiv Hagen, from the Animal Humane Society, shares the story of this 9-year-old Maltese (1:35). WCCO 4 News At Noon - September 20, 2019
Go, Go Goldzilla!One of the largest Golden Retriever events in the country is this weekend in New Brighton, report Jennifer Mayerle and Mike Augustyniak (3:04). WCCO Saturday Morning - September 7, 2019
Family Sues Mpls., MPD Over Dog ShootingsA Minneapolis family is suing the police for shooting their dogs, reports Amelia Santaniello (0:24). WCCO 4 News At 10 – September 6, 2019
Bone Appetit Gala: Help Pups, Eat Great FoodIf you like helping pups and eating delicious food then the Bone Appetit Gala is the perfect event for you. Joining us now is Secondhand Hounds founder and director, Rachel May-rose and Eli Wollenzien from Coalition. (3:12) WCCO Mid-Morning – Sept. 4, 2019
#MyMorning Viewer Pics From Aug. 26, 2019WCCO This Morning – Aug. 26, 2019
Pet Pavilion FunDisc dog demonstrations aren't the only thing going on at the pet pavilion. Katie Steiner shows us dog agility (2:34). WCCO Saturday Morning – Aug. 24, 2019
Disc Dog Club Takes Over Pet PavilionDog lovers will want to head to the Pet Pavilion where they will see some pooches take fetching a Frisbee to a whole new level, Katie Steiner reports (2:05). WCCO Saturday Morning – Aug. 24, 2019
Dogs and HealthOwning a dog or owning other pets was linked to better cardiovascular health (00:47). WCCO 4 News at 5 – Aug. 23, 2019.
Meet Gracie May, Our Pet Guest Of The WeekGracie May is a 2.5-year-old hound/cattle dog mix (2:00). WCCO 4 News At Noon – Aug. 16, 2019
The Three Little Support PigsA Minneapolis man is in a battle with the city to get his pigs back, reports Kate Raddatz (2:06). WCCO 4 News At 6 – August 13, 2019
Morning Moment: Cat Photo Unexpectedly Shows Up Amongst Food PhotosA cat photo unexpectedly showed up in a segment on viewer food photos – hilarity ensued. (0:43) WCCO Mid-Morning – Aug. 12, 2019
Feedback: Cats Understand Their NamesA new study shows cats probably know their own name, but they may just be choosing to ignore you (00:55). WCCO Mid-Morning – Aug. 9, 2019
Thousands Celebrate Cat Day In St. PaulThe St. Paul Saints hosted the Cat Video Festival at CHS Field Thursday night (00:55). WCCO Mid-Morning – Aug. 9, 2019

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