When facing a tough decision, experts say that your first instinct is almost always the best one (3:03). WCCO This Morning - January 9, 2020

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When Second Guessing, Trust Your First Gut ReactionWhen facing a tough decision, experts say that your first instinct is almost always the best one (3:03). WCCO This Morning - January 9, 2020
Top 5 Important Relationship Resolutions For New YearDr. Kirsten Lind Seal suggests couples commit to putting each other first, limiting phone use, and not expecting your partner to do something first (4:34). WCCO This Morning - January 8, 2020
Engaged Millennials Less Afraid To Ask For Wedding Fund HelpIn a survey of more than 1,800 millennials, about 15% said they asked for donations to a wedding fund (). WCCO Mid-Morning - January 2, 2020
WCCO Viewers Share Their New Year's ResolutionsFrom snarky to healthy, people hope to change a lot in the new year (2:05). WCCO Mid-Morning - January 1, 2020
How Did Historical Predictions For 2020 Turn Out?Futurist Ray Kurzweil said our every move will be tracked, which has more or less turned out to be true. However, life expectancy is still well short of 100 years of age (3:27). WCCO Mid-Morning - January 1, 2020
What If You Didn't Get That Holiday Proposal You Wanted?Nearly 40% of all engagements take place between the holidays and February. Professional matchmaker Stephanie Kluver talks about adjusting expectations (2:09). WCCO Mid-Morning - December 31, 2019
Are Your New Year's Resolutions In Order?Now is the time of year when people make choices to better their lives, their health, their relationships, or their stress levels (3:04). WCCO Mid-Morning - December 31, 2019
Christmas Spirit Can Help Overall Well-Being, Science SuggestsSinging together can increase oxytocin, and spending money on gifts for others can lead to an increase in overall happiness (3:35). WCCO Mid-Morning - December 24, 2019
New York Ranked The Rudest City In AmericaMinneapolis-St. Paul ranked 46th on the overall list, well behind Los Angeles, Washington, Chicago, and Boston (3:25). WCCO This Morning - December 23, 2019
Can You Do The Holidays Without A Single Argument?A new survey by the parking app SpotHero says holiday travel is so stressful, a person will bet into 12 arguments or disagreements over the course of their travel (2:58). WCCO This Morning - December 19, 2019
'Game Of Thrones,' BTS, Trump Among Top Twitter Trends For 2019The most tweeted tweet in 2019 was the attempted World Record Egg (2:48). WCCO Mid-Morning - December 10, 2019
'They' As Gender-Nonbinary Pronoun Is Merriam-Webster's Word Of The Year"They" has emerged as a nonbinary alternative to "he" and "she," Christiane Cordero reports (0:36). WCCO 4 News - December 10, 2019
Why Do We Decorate With Lights For The Holidays?The tradition has its roots in the holiday's proximity to the winter solstice (2:55). WCCO Mid-Morning - December 5, 2019
Why People Say Things They Know They'll RegretA number of factors come into play when things get heated, including arousal and less brain power being used to moderate our statements (3:09). WCCO Mid-Morning - December 2, 2019
Dealing With Tough Conversations At ThanksgivingRelationship gurus Michael Walker and Dr. Corey Yeager share advice for dealing with tense, dramatic or even offensive moments at family gatherings (4:00). WCCO Mid-Morning - November 27, 2019
Do You Actually Learn More From Success Than Failure?The University of Chicago Booth School of Business study found that people actually learn more from success than mistakes (3:36). WCCO Mid-Morning - November 18, 2019
How To Move On When A Break-Up Leaves You Feeling BrokenDr. Shonda Craft offers some valuable perspective on breaking up (4:06). WCCO Mid-Morning - November 13, 2019
Parents Top The List Of Biggest Role ModelsBehind moms and dads, in third place are teachers or professors, followed by celebrities in fourth and coaches in fifth (3:35). WCCO Mid-Morning - November 7, 2019
Common Myths About Family EstrangementDr. Kirsten Lind Seal explains (3:58). WCCO Mid-Morning - November 6, 2019
The Secret To Success Isn't Smarts, But GritA study of thousands of West Point cadets over 10 years pinpoints the one big secret to success (3:15). WCCO Mid-Morning - November 6, 2019
Forgiveness May Be The Path To A Happier, Healthier YouA new study recently published in the Journal of Psychology and Health suggests that better sleep is even connected with forgiveness, relationship guru Dr. Kirsten Lind Seal explains (4:13). WCCO Mid-Morning - October 30, 2019
Why Do We Have Certain Phobias?Halloween is the time of year when we have fun with our fears, Heather Brown reports (3:20). WCCO Mid-Morning - October 24, 2019
Viewers React: Nearly Half Of Americans Believe In Ghosts & DemonsWCCO Mid-Morning - Oct. 22, 2019
For Some, Relaxation Only Triggers AnxietyResearchers say it's called relaxation-induced anxiety. They say some people may make themselves anxious intentionally, to avoid the letdown if something bad would happen (2:17). WCCO Mid-Morning - October 17, 2019

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