Simple Ideas To Spruce Up Your KitchenCarter Averbeck from Omforme Design presents his tips to Kylie Bearse and Jason DeRusha (3:02). WCCO Mid-Morning - November 17, 2017
Sweater Weather Style Survival GuideBeauty and style expert Justine Santaniello shows Jason DeRusha and Kylie Bearse some of the hot trends for the cold months (3:02). WCCO Mid-Morning - November 15, 2017
Heavy Clothing Season Doesn't Mean Sacrificing StyleLifestyle contributor Jasmine Stringer has some bundling up tips for Jason DeRusha and Kylie Bearse (3:41). WCCO Mid-Morning - November 14, 2017
Stove Top Unveils Thanksgiving-Ready Stretch PantsStove Top says it wants to allow people to "enjoy more of Thanksgiving in comfort and style, Jason DeRusha reports (1:28). WCCO Mid-Morning - November 14, 2017
Inspiration & Style At The Unveiled Beauty X Fashion ShowComing off the publishing of her first book, Lisa Harris has made a name for herself with captivating poetry. She tells Kim Johnson and Ali Lucia about the event created by her organization "Fashion Meets Poetry" (2:57). WCCO This Morning - November 10, 2017
Leather Louis Vuitton Toilet Runs $100,000This gold toilet is covered in leather from 24 luxury Louis Vuitton monogrammed handbags. It's now on display at the online retailer Tradesy's new brick and mortar store in Santa Monica Californa, Ali Lucia reports (0:28). WCCO This Morning - November 9, 2017
Dressing Room Mirror DeceptionYou can subtly adjust a mirror to make your size smaller, for example from a 10 to an 8. It's a matter of the curvature of the glass, Kim Johnson reports (1:38). WCCO This Morning - November 9, 2017
The Dress You Can, Ahem, Leave On The HangerMoschino is selling what appears to be a dry cleaning bag as a dress. The clear plastic garment is meant to be worn over something else because a slip is not included, Jason DeRusha reports (0:54). WCCO Mid-Morning - November 7, 2017
Today's 'Size 8' Was A 'Size 14' Back In 1958Many Americans don't know what size they are and that can lead to fitting room nightmares and billions of dollars in returned clothing, Kim Johnson reports (0:55). WCCO This Morning - November 1, 2017
When It Comes To Clothing, ‘What Size Are You?’ Is More Complex Than You ThinkWhen it comes to shopping for clothes, many Americans don't know what size they are. There is no standardized sizing, which has led to fitting room nightmares and billions of dollars in returned clothing. Nikki Battiste reports. (2:54) WCCO This Morning – Nov. 1, 2017
Got Halloween Gum In Your Hair? Here's Ways To Remedy Those Hair MishapsKids have loads of fun on Halloween, but getting their trick or treat candy or even their costumes detangled from their hair can be no fun for parents. Stylist Kristin Hoogheem with Great Clips is here with some advice. (2:46) WCCO Mid-Morning – Oct. 31, 2017
The Hot New Fashions For The Old Cold MonthsAfton Alps is getting ready for the Family Fall Fair and Slopeside Swap. For the next couple of weekends, you can make a swap or just buy some new gear for this winter (3:39). WCCO Mid-Morning - October 5, 2017
Fashion Guest: Fall Trends For BootsNow that fall is here, you may be looking for some new shoes or boots to fit the season. Rachel Oelke from Galleria is here to show us some trends. (3:29) WCCO Mid-Morning – Oct. 4, 2017
North Loop Fall Fashion Crawl Kicks Off This SaturdaySome North Loop businesses are gearing up for a big event coming up this weekend. The North Loop Fall Fashion Crawl is Saturday. This will be the fifth year of the event, Kylie Bearse reports. WCCO This Morning – Sept. 26, 2017
Get Movin’ Monday: Fall Fashion TrendsThis morning we are getting you moving on the latest trends in makeup for fall. WCCO This Morning – Sept. 25, 2017
Your Bookshelf Can Hold More Than Just BooksJason DeRusha and Kylie Bearse talk with Carter Averbeck from Omforme Design about making a stylish arrangement out of home decor (). WCCO Mid-Morning - September 22, 2017
Lifestyle Guest: Seizing The Day On HomecomingAlong with fall and football season, homecoming is a special event this time of year for high school students. Our lifestyle contributor Jasmine Stringer is here with tips on seizing the day. (2:49) WCCO Mid-Morning – Sept. 20, 2017
Why Wear 1 Pair Of Jeans When You Can Wear 2?Despite just being an average looking pair of jeans with more jeans on top, these will cost you almost $700, Kim Johnson reports (0:37). WCCO This Morning - September 19, 2017
Fashion Week Goes To The DogsFashion designer Anthony Rubio showcased his fall-winter collection with looks for Fido as well, Kim Johnson reports (0:34). WCCO This Morning - September 12, 2017
Buckle Up For The Flyover Fashion FestCo-creator Simeon Tally and fashion week co-founder Sarah Edwards visit WCCO to discuss the a big event during Fashion Week! (3:11) WCCO Saturday Morning – September 9, 2017
It's Fashion Week In MinneapolisMatthew Galaviz-Reed, from The W Hotel Minneapolis, designer Jeannine Cavallo, and Jahna Peloquin, co-founder of Fashion Week MN, talk with Matt Brickman and Jason DeRusha (3:25). WCCO This Morning - September 8, 2017
It's Time To Fall Into LuxuryAli Lucia talks with Sandy Simmons, executive director Fashion Group International, and Samantha Rei, Twin Cities designer and "Project Runway" contestant (3:23). WCCO This Morning - September 4, 2017
Clothing Line Founded By UMD Student Wins State Fair AwardEvery year the State Fair presents awards to 13 of the very best vendors, concessions and exhibits, Frank Vascellaro and Amelia Santaniello reports (1:34). WCCO Live! At The State Fair – Sept. 1, 2017
Shoe Styles For Back-To-SchoolRosedale Center's Lindsay Wlaschin is here with some shoe options for students. (2:35) WCCO Mid-Morning – Sept. 1, 2017

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