Wild Hosting e-Sports Gaming Tournament At MOAFour finalists will compete live in the rotunda in the best-of-three matches (3:20). WCCO Mid-Morning - February 18, 2019
Who Decides What Emoji Get Approved?The new emoji update will include a waffle, hearing aids, and swimsuits, just to name a few, Heather Brown reports (3:25). WCCO Mid-Morning - February 15, 2019
Majority Of Americans Subjected To Hateful Speech OnlineHalf of people between 18 and 29 years of age say they have been subjected to severe harassment, physical threats, and harassment over a sustained period (3:19). WCCO Mid-Morning - February 14, 2019
'Scam Likely' Notices On Your PhoneYou know you probably shouldn't answer it, but you're probably pretty curious about who exactly is calling (2:54). WCCO Mid-Morning - January 22, 2019
Smart Luggage, Self-Driving Cars And More At CES 2019Lots of high-tech firms use the annual Consumer Electronics Show to showcase their latest products and innovations (2:59). WCCO Mid-Morning - January 4, 2019
Would You Ditch Your Smartphone For A Year For $100,000?Vitaminwater challenges smartphone addicts to abandon their devices for 365 unimaginable days (2:34). WCCO Mid-Morning - December 17, 2018
St. Paul Cops Respond To Noise Complaint, End Up Playing Super Smash Bros.Two St. Paul police officers have become internet sensations after dealing with a weekend noise complaint by playing video games with the young men inside (1:02). WCCO Mid-Morning - December 12, 2018
Most Think We'll Be Better Off With RobotsSome like Tesla and Space-X's Elon Musk and the late Stephen Hawking worry about its impact (3:03). WCCO Mid-Morning - December 11, 2018
Millennials Don’t Like Talking On The Phone, Survey SuggestsThe generation says that phone calls are too time consuming (2:53). WCCO Mid-Morning - December 10, 2018
Is Social Media Making Us Happy Or Miserable?Some spend their lives searching for happiness, and with smartphones close by, many of us look for it online. But is social media making us happy or miserable? Liz Collin reports (4:01). WCCO 4 News at 10 - Nov. 19, 2018
Are Robots Taking Over The Workplace?A new study says humans are still in the firm majority on manufacturing floors (3:35). WCCO Mid-Morning - November 19, 2018
Are More People Becoming Nearsighted?A new study shows phones and tablets could increase the odds your children will be near-sighted, Heather Brown reports (2:48). WCCO Mid-Morning - November 9, 2018
In 2019, Half Of All Cell Calls Could Be RobocallsNow, phone companies will screen those calls for you, either warning you of possible spam or letting you learn more about why someone's calling, Christiane Cordero reports (4:31). WCCO Mid-Morning - November 9, 2018
Should We Do This, To Attract Aliens?Researchers at MIT say light from a laser could spark interest from extraterrestrials, Jason DeRusha reports (1:14). WCCO Mid-Morning - November 9, 2018
Companies Working On Phones With Flapping, Folding ScreensSamsung showed off the bendable smartphone during its annual developers conference yesterday (2:10). WCCO Mid-Morning - November 8, 2018
Rate Of Cord-Cutting AcceleratesAccording to a media and telecommunications research firm, cable and satellite TV providers lost about 1.1 million subscribers during the July-to-September period (3:03). WCCO Mid-Morning - November 8, 2018
Algorithm Creates Painting, Which Sells For $432KArtificial intelligence and a mathematical algorithm created this portrait, Kim Johnson reports (0:25). WCCO 4 News At Noon - October 29, 2018
Credit Bureaus Tighten Security After Equifax BreachA year after a massive security breach to one of the nation's leading credit bureaus, changes are being made to security, Kate Raddatz reports (1:59). WCCO 4 News at 6 - Sept. 26, 2018
Millions Of Americans Would Go Into Debt To Get New iPhoneA survey shows about 28 million Americans would go into debt to get Apple's 2018 iPhone (2:33). WCCO Mid-Morning - September 6, 2018
Punctuation In Texts Is Stressing People OutThe phrase "exclamation point anxiety" is coming into popular use (3:20). WCCO Mid-Morning - August 15, 2018
CVS Launches Virtual Doctor VisitsThe digital doctor is available through the pharmacy app, and costs $59 per visit (3:12). WCCO Mid-Morning - August 9, 2018
Amazon Prime Members To Get Curbside Pickup At Whole FoodsShoppers will be able to order eggs, milk and other groceries on the Prime Now app and park in reserved spaces for workers will place the items in their cars (3:30). WCCO Mid-Morning - August 8, 2018
Snapchat Blamed For Uptick In Plastic Surgery RequestsAn article in a plastic surgery medical journal says the phenomenon has cosmetic surgery patients requesting a thinner nose, fuller lips and eyelid surgery (3:32). WCCO Mid-Morning - August 7, 2018
What Does Screen Time Do To Our Kids?The American Heart Association is the latest medical group to come out a warning about screen time and kids, Heather Brown reports (2:31). WCCO 4 News at 10 - August 6, 2018

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