The icon shows if a passenger is traveling with a child between 8 days and 2 years old (2:08). WCCO Mid-Morning - September 27, 2019

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Airline Offers Map To Allow Passengers To Avoid Crying BabiesThe icon shows if a passenger is traveling with a child between 8 days and 2 years old (2:08). WCCO Mid-Morning - September 27, 2019
Are Summer Activities Getting Too Expensive?A new survey shows 68% of people have skipped activities in the past year because they're too expensive (2:56). WCCO Mid-Morning - August 15, 2019
Scenes From The DeRusha Family Spring BreakJason DeRusha shares images from his family's trip to Arizona (1:26). WCCO Mid-Morning - April 1, 2019
Disney Parks Do Away With Smoking, Extra-Wide StrollersDisney will not let people in with so-called stroller wagons starting in May. Disney says it hopes limiting stroller size will solve problems like blocked walkways, bumping into guests and taking up space in lines (2:45). WCCO Mid-Morning - March 29, 2019
The Biggest Spring Break Budget Busters To AvoidMoney expert Bruce Helmer shares some advice (2:46). WCCO Mid-Morning - March 26, 2019
Tips To Keep Family Stress Down On VacationsDr. Gigi Chawla from Children's Minnesota shares some hints (3:00). WCCO Mid-Morning - March 13, 2019
Parenting Tips: Getting Through The Temper TantrumIt can happen at any time: you're seemingly happy child decides to meltdown and throw a temper tantrum. Alise McGregor, owner of Little Newton Early Education Centers, joins us with tips for parents on how to get through a tantrum. (3:14) WCCO Mid-Morning – March 5, 2019
Top 10 Travel-Booking Mistakes Tourists MakeLiana Corwin, travel expert for Hopper, shares the list with Jason DeRusha and Ali Lucia (3:44). WCCO Mid-Morning - April 23, 2018
WCCO Viewers’ Choice For Best Winter ‘Staycation’ In MinnesotaYour votes sent us to the Grand View Lodge in Nisswa, which has hosted “staycations” for over 100 years (2:58). WCCO 4 News At 10 – February 15, 2018
How Jason DeRusha Spent His Time OffJason DeRusha and his family spent time in Madison, Wisconsin (1:49). WCCO Mid-Morning - June 19, 2017
Should School Buses Have Seat Belts?The deadly bus crash in Chattanooga has renewed the debate about seat belts in school buses. Kris Van Cleave shows us how money has played a part in this issue (2:30). WCCO 4 News At 5 – November 22, 2016
‘Hot Car Bill’ Seeks To Prevent Child DeathsLawmakers want to make technology warning drivers that a child is in the back seat to be standard in cars, reports Mark Albert (2:04). WCCO 4 News At 5 – September 15, 2016
Kids & The Outdoors: Tips To Keep Them Safe, Treat Minor InjuriesSummertime in Minnesota is synonymous with being active and outside as much as possible, especially for kids. Dr. Gigi Chawla from Children's Minnesota is here to provide some safety tips. (4:15) WCCO Mid-Morning – June 29, 2016
Expert Talks Avoiding Summer InjuriesKids love the freedom of summer, and while you want them to have fun, you also want to makes sure they're staying safe. So we asked our pediatrician, Dr. Gigi Chawla from Children's Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota to share some advice on keeping kids far from those emergency rooms. (2:41) WCCO This Morning – July 2, 2015

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