Best Of Don Shelby’s Career

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — More than 32 years after Don Shelby’s first newscast at WCCO-TV, Monday, Nov. 22 will be his last night of anchoring WCCO 4 News at 10 p.m. The following night, Frank Vascellaro will join Amelia Santaniello as the new co-anchor at 10 p.m.

Shelby was hired at WCCO-TV in 1978, to co-anchor the weekend news with Pat Miles. Not long after, he was named main anchor at 5, 6 and 10 p.m. While known mostly for his anchoring, it’s his contributions to investigative reporting through his I-TEAM reports that have made him legendary. He has won all five of the nation’s top journalism awards, including three national Emmys, the Columbia duPont award, the Scripps-Howard Award and the Society of Professional Journalists Distinguished Service Award. In 1997, Shelby was honored with the Peabody Award, the broadcast equivalent of the Pulitzer Prize, for his ongoing work with the youth of Minnesota. In recent years, Shelby’s focus has been on the environment, and he has been the force behind the Project Energy franchise at WCCO-TV.

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But before Shelby leaves, he’ll be sharing the anchor desk with some of the people he’s worked with over the years. Monday night, Pat Miles joined Shelby, Tuesday, it was Colleen Needles and Wednesday it was Paul Douglas. Tonight Shelby will sit next to the person he’s anchored with the longest — Amelia Santaniello.

Check out some of Shelby’s award-winning, ground-breaking and heart-warming work below.

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A Look Back At The 1983 I-TEAM Ambulance Story

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Never Far From Memories Of Fallen Comrades In Iraq

  • Warren Cain

    Don Shelby is a rock star news anchor. Don looks like a teacher I had in high school. WCCO wont be the same without him

  • Eric

    I feel the same way about your departing WCCO as I did when your many years of answering the tough questions and informing the public of the reality of the world we live in. I want to personally thank you for your support for MN NG Soldiers and your commitment to the Red Bulls. I hope that your work inspires your peers to look beyond agendas and partisanship and focus on what we all need more of… the truth.

  • dave olson

    CCO will have a big hole after he leaves, I will miss that guy! I enjoyed all his stories over the last 35 years Good Luck Don I wish you well!!!!!

  • Tom Ginther

    Good Luck Don and thanks for all the news, information and opions to
    know and be aware of. You belong with the greats of CCO, both TV and
    radio. I will miss you.
    Tom Ginther

  • Bailey Steffen

    Don Shelby is the reason i started watching WCCO in the first place! There’s something about his voice that makes you want to pay attention to every detail being presented. I always enjoyed his Good to Know segments because his insights usually quite similar to mine. He will certainly leave a lasting impression on anyone who has been fortunate enough to watch him over the years.

  • Andrea

    I grew watching Don Shelby through my 44 years back in day when we still had our beloved Dave Moore. Don followed Daves footsteps just aswell if not better than Dave. I will miss him at WCCO. Thanks Don Best Wishes to you!

  • Al

    Don thank You. You the Man.

  • Kerry

    Congratulations on an incredible career! Thanks for your kind heart, your thought out opinions that make us think, and for being our friend all of these years!

  • Joel Frampton

    With the ecomony the way it is, the last few years, I live half time in Manchester, CT and my condo in Minneapolis. I was home this last weekend, since the fair, and saw the old crew coming back for your send off. I just logged onto my computer, since I’m in CT and found out your last night will be the night I will be home, in Minneapolis. I was reviewed, so now I get to see you, on TV, for the last time of your career. Thank you for all the memories and the representation of Minnesota New on Channel 4. You have been a TV friend and a respected man in our community. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Good luck on your retiring and you will be missed.

  • Ginger

    Thank you for your very high standards. It shows in every thing you do. You will be missed and cannot be replaced.

  • Ellen

    Don, thank you for your years of service with WCCO. I’ve enjoyed the newscast since moving to MN 9 years ago. God bless you in your retirement!

  • tina baker

    All I have to say is ” I have a gopher in my pants and his name is Carlos!”

    That was the funniest freakin thing I have ever seen.

    Don we will miss you and your humor!

  • B.E.T.

    Let’s not forget that Don is also a good dancer too. Wish they left us with one of his dance moves. Not bad for a youngin….

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  • Mary

    You are the consumate news professional, Don. Best wishes on this new phase of your life.

  • Nancy & Dave Crichton

    Don: My husband and I have watched you from the beginning. You are really the ultimate in on-screen personality and off-screen regular guy who cares about people! We have enjoyed the stories over the years more than I can put into words. The Iron Crib series really stands out but they all bring tears to my eyes. Your openess about your health concerns were an education for all of us and I thank you for sharing that process. Thank you for the stories, your adventures with canoeing, mountain climbing and all the other interests. The news was never more interesting than when you were at the desk. We are looking forward to seeing all your old friends this week. THANK YOU FOR YOU!

  • L Nelson

    You had big shoes to fill replacing Dave Moore and you did an amazing job!
    I will NEVER watch the Frank and Amelia newscast as they have already tried taking every extra over with themselves, kids, parents, dogs or house.

    Best wishes Mr Shelby.

  • Mary Ann Rasmussen

    Watched Dave Moore and then you came along. Have watched all these years and have enjoyed every minute of it. Will miss you but enjoy your retirement. Thank you for all of it. Congratulations

  • Christine

    This prolonged good-bye is becoming extraordinarily wearisome.

  • Tony


    I came to MN at the age of 3 in 1972. I loved Dave Moore as a little girl. You took over the helm (as a litle girl I had a bit of a crush on you) and I grew up with you; to me you exhibited class, empathy, warmth, integrity and trustworthiness; there is no one like you in the local news biz, you are a Cities icon. You were the reason I made CCO my news source. I feel like I am saying godbye to a dear family friend. I will miss having you as part of my day.

    Best wishes to you and your family.

  • Kari S.


    You were the subject of conversation at work yesterday. About ten of us were in a huddle getting ready for a busy day and not one person (all women mind you) had a bad thing to say about you. Now you know that is really rare that not one woman could find fault with a man. Kind of a Christmas Miracle!!!

    We love ya and promise to still say hi if we see you in Best Buy!!!

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  • Scott Curtis

    Don Shelby,

    You are the true Minnesotan we in Minnesota aspire to do and achieve on a class way! You are definetly a one of a kind number one journalist with top notch cirisma and the right sophistication and proper intellect for the story.
    Your character really brings the stories to life with best intentions to bring out the
    humane context out. And we are hit by your heart so much in these stories that makes us believe that we are really there.
    Thanks again for everything, including you expertise, heart, and your professional high class knowledge-just calling it-‘THE DON SHELBY JOURNALIST WAY’…..
    From seeing seeing you from the days with Pat Miles-Colleen Needles-Amellia Santanello And with Jeff McKinney on WCCO Radio., Thanks for all of the years and bringing me and my Curtis family and all Minesotans together. And it seems to me that you are the last great bridge from the ‘Dave Moore era’ that my family can relate to. Have a great retirement and enjoy every minnute of it!!!
    A long time advid WCCO watcher.and also a basketball fan ans player.

  • Dave

    Losing you on cco wiill be like losing Dave Moore, it will take some time to get used to. It will never quite be the same news cast as was when Dave retired.
    Best wiishes and enjoy the retirement. (You’ll be back now and again on some special project for cco)

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