EDEN PRAIRIE (WCCO) — Brad Childress has been fired as the Minnesota Vikings head coach, according to the team.

After being relieved of his coaching duties, Childress issued a statement saying he was proud of the team’s accomplishments over the years.

“The past five years have been a tremendous experience for my family and I as the head coach of the Minnesota Vikings. I have a great respect for the players and coaches who I have worked with and for their dedication to each other and to the organization.”

“I am proud of our accomplishments and believe the foundation of this football team is stronger today than when I became head coach in 2006,” Childress stated. “I appreciate the opportunity that Zygi, Mark and the whole Wilf family afforded me and wish them success as they move forward.”

The team also released the following statement:

“The Minnesota Vikings have relieved Brad Childress of his head coaching duties. Leslie Frazier has been named Interim Head Coach and will serve in that capacity for the remainder of the season.”

Owner Zygi Wilf and Frazier will address the media at 3 p.m. The press conference will be streaming live on WCCO-TV and at WCCO.COM.

The firing comes a day after Childress’s future with the team was left even more in doubt, and Wilf walked sternly out of a silent locker room without commenting.

The Vikings fell to 3-7 after a 31-3 loss to rival Green Bay on Sunday, the final blow to Childress in his fifth season in charge of the team. It was his most-lopsided home defeat as head coach, dropping his overall record to 40-37.

Childress took over for the fired Mike Tice in 2006 after spending seven years with the Eagles, including four as the offensive coordinator. He was chosen by Wilf to instill discipline and demand better off-the-field behavior from a team that was embarrassed the year before by a bye-week boat party gone bad and a number of other legal problems for players.

However, Childress stumbled in his first year and never fully gained the faith of the fans — or some of his players.

He infamously cut dissatisfied wide receiver Marcus Robinson on Christmas Eve, had trouble connecting and communicating with some of his players and often came across to the public as rigid and aloof.

The offense struggled without a clear solution at quarterback, and it wasn’t until last year, when Childress persuaded Brett Favre to put off retirement a second time, that the Vikings finally put up points and became the dominant team that matched the Pro Bowl talent on the roster.

Still, they went from 6-10 to 8-8 to 10-6 to 12-4 in his first four seasons, losing in the NFC title game in overtime last January to the eventual champion New Orleans Saints. Last November, Wilf — pleased by the stability and the progress — gave Childress a contract extension. According to an ESPN.com report on Nov. 19, the deal runs through 2013 but the final year is the team’s option.

This season almost seemed destined for doom, given how smoothly it all went in 2009 until the very end and how well the 40-year-old Favre played by taking care of the ball and making age-defying throws into the end zone.

Favre didn’t show up for camp until mid-August, and the next week wide receiver Sidney Rice had hip surgery. Wide receiver Percy Harvin missed big chunks of time, mostly because of migraine headaches, and center John Sullivan was out of action for several weeks with a nagging calf injury.

Coincidence or not, the offense was out of sync to start, Favre began turning the ball over at costly times and the Vikings suddenly were missing last year’s magic.

The relationship between Favre and Childress, which was tense at times in 2009, seemed to sour further when Favre threw three ill-fated interceptions in the Oct. 24 game at Green Bay and the Vikings lost to Favre’s old team.

Childress, who was just 3-9 against the rival Packers as Minnesota coach, was sharply critical of Favre’s decision-making afterward, and the coach drew his own criticism for failing to challenge a Packers touchdown catch that could’ve been overturned because the ball was being bobbled.

Then the situation really went south following a loss at New England. Wide receiver Randy Moss, acquired in a trade for a third-round draft pick just four weeks earlier, went out of his way to praise the Patriots and criticize Childress in a post-game rant.

The next day, Childress told his players he had cut Moss and never fully explained the situation to them or the public. Wilf was reportedly angry that Childress didn’t tell him first of his plan, and there were anonymous reports of growing dissatisfaction in the locker room about the boss. Childress and Harvin got into a heated argument during one practice over an MRI test on his sprained ankle.

Fans made no secret about their frustration, with thousands of “Fire Chilly” signs distributed on Nov. 7 outside the stadium before the Vikings played Arizona and several chants breaking out from the seats during the game.

The Vikings rallied for an overtime victory over the Cardinals to table the firing talk temporarily, but a 27-13 loss at Chicago on Nov. 14 and the blowout against Green Bay cranked it back up again.

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Comments (86)
  1. Now it’s time for Brett to retire

  2. vcolson says:

    Can’t argue the move, but I’m not sure how this will help Loadholt block and keep his hands to himself,, Favre hit receivers instead of opponents, and a secondary play above the level of a Jr. High team.

  3. Purple Pride says:

    There are only two coaches, those who are fired and those who will be fired. This team was so bad Sunday I never even yelled at the TV.

  4. joe says:

    Finally should have happened 2 weeks ago, BUT dont blame Favre, have the new coach put in a front line that can block for thier QB and then see what really happens!!!!

    1. vickyp says:

      YES – you are so right!

  5. Nate Pillar says:

    Very glad this happened…but Percy still is getting migranes, and Ryan Cook is still 6’6 and went to New Mexico. Also, my cat meows alot, can anybody help me with that issue? And my son may be homosexual.

  6. Jake says:

    This is unfortunate. While I live and die by the Vikings, this feels like a knee-jerk reaction to forces beyond the coach’s control. If Favre was playing the way he played last year, they would be within a game of first place or better. There is no question off-the-field stuff outside of Childress’s domain have hurt the team. If he bears responsibility, it’s taking one more chance on one of the greatest QBs, to include giving him Moss (oops) and banking no training camp would be fatal.

    Childress was wrong on Favre this time. But let’s face it: 1ten months ago he was good enough to get us to the NFC championship game (and outplay the other team). Only four coaches got their teams to that point, and yet the other 28 teams did not immediately fire their head coaches. To get there, you have to identify talent and be a game-day coach. Childress did that.

    Through human history, people have crowded the public square to watch heads roll. While not a media favorite (unlike that warm and fuzzy Bud Grant), Childress endured more than his share of mob anger. I’d have been happy with one down year and one shot at the Super Bowl under Childress. Mark my words, Wilf and the rest of the off-with-his-head crowd will be wishing for that in a couple years, too.

    1. Sonya says:

      I agree with you 100%. This was not all on his shoulders! I actually feel bad for him.

    2. Andrew says:

      This is right on the mark! Couldn’t have said it better, myself.

  7. CO says:

    It’s time….TJ or Webb….Let’s move on….but……Cook/Allen……need not play

  8. stud55well says:

    let’s start with team chemistry.

  9. Barb Spado says:

    and the big rich guy owner can sit back and take no responsibility for the mess the vikings are in. It’s good to be king

  10. Beth says:

    I hope they dont make Frazier the head coach. So the players like him. Big deal. He is in charge of defense and he let 31 points through yesterday.

  11. rsgirl says:

    favre can go with him

  12. mike L says:

    Just the guy we need to steer our ship. the guy who oversses the defense that hasnt been able to stop anyone, or anything all season long.

  13. Toby says:

    Too late – he stole another superbowl team away from Minnesota.

    Should have been done second game of the season.

  14. Dave L says:

    Great start to rebuilding the team. He lost the team, and thats all that matters. Once the team loses respect for their coach, its time for new blood. I hear Gruden and Cower are looking for good teams to coach.

  15. Hugh Jardon says:

    Vikings just told Childress, “Go Pack!”

  16. Nate Pillar says:

    Brad Childress makes my pet hamster unhappy…thank you vikings administration.

  17. Alex R says:

    He is just the first of people on this team that need to be fired. You can’t blame it all on him. He’s not out there making plays just calling em. So long Chilly good luck in your future….

  18. Joni G says:

    Randy Moss for coach!!

  19. Michelle Hoffmann says:

    Ok, who’s next to go?

  20. GRAMMA GIRL says:

    I feel bad for the players……..talk about LOW MORAL!!!!

  21. mrozen says:

    not all his fault-he’s not on the field making the mistakes-but he is not an offensive genius, the first two years proved that. and if Favre wouldn’t have been out calling him last year the results would’ve been the same-time to get Jackson in at quarterback he deserves alot more credit than he has been getting-Favres been hurt most of the year and keeps going in to play[selfish] he does not give us the best chance to win iJackson is more mobile and is a good quarterback-time to let him show it-crying purple today what a shame-now get the Wilfs a stadium they also deserve one before their gone to

  22. wane says:

    Jake, was it not childress that decided to review plays that shouldnt have been reviewed, was it not chidress that even though the team was moving before halftime, decided to take a knee. and to give up a 3rd round pick and 1.5 million dollars to Moss just to get rid of him in 4 weeks, knowing ful well the baggage Moss brings with him.Lets be real. Childress is not the only blame but lets not make him a saint either,

    1. Jake says:

      Wane, I certainly didn’t use the word “saint,” but I am realistic enough to know that only one team has happy fans at the end of the year. Childress made bad decisions from time-to-time, but he still took an awful situation after Tice was finally dropped and made the team a contender (despite his man-crush on T.Jack- who nobody had ever heard of) once he secured the pre-porn text accused Favre. I already mentioned Moss, but even that was a good try with admittedly bad results. It’s a bit like a baseball team giving up prospects for veterans to make a pennant run. This one failed miserably (although I believe the team that took him off waivers pays the balance of the 1.5 mill.).

      We have an embarrassment of riches in sports opportunities here, which (my friends from other places points out) has led to us being less-than-great sports fans at times. We leave games early (to beat the traffic), and we abandon teams fast because there are so many other options here.

      I was not at all happy when the Gophers dropped Mason. I lived through Gutekunst and Wacker, and the chance to have a winning team with a bowl and a chance five games into the Big Ten season was worth it to me, and he should have had a shot at recruiting to the new stadium. Everyone celebrated his firing after a huge collapse in a meaningless bowl game, but what did we get? We all started yearning for Gutie and “Geezo Beezo” Wacker.

      So, now Childress is gone. I really, really, really hope I’m wrong, but what will all you “geniuses” have to say when our best record the next four seasons is 4 and 12? (With all respect to Sid, of course).

  23. Fran Tic says:

    Then they wouldn’t want to move here. . . . .

  24. lolita333 says:

    Please take Brett with you too

  25. Big Sexy says:

    Most people don’t get a 8 million buy out good for you Brad! One man won’t be able to fix tyhis mess…

  26. dade says:

    Problem is, Farve didn’t want to come back. He knew they couldn’t repeat what they did last year and Childress and this organization went “all in” WAY too soon in IMHO. I don’t get way they felt this year was the time to mortgage everything and think they could make it the superbowl. The result is a broken and defeated team and an owner who blew a TON of cash on a 3-7 team.

    Nicely done guys, I lay this one more at the feet of Zygi than Childress.

  27. martin says:

    When you are not only the coach but have complete control over personal, there is no other person to fire!!!!!

  28. spizz says:

    Yeah, this will solve their problems. Go Pack go!

  29. brian says:

    Hey Brett, if on the 1st possession of next 5 games you go 3 and out, you get one more start for the 300 record and the rest of the game watching TJ learn the game

  30. Brad H says:

    There is no problem with Farve, Chilly was the issue. Once Farve gets the protection of the front line you will see a massive change. Chilly was a cancer this year!!! The PURPLE runs deep in my vains GO VIKS!!!!

  31. Bill says:

    You need superstar coaching for superstar players. When the coach is below the level of talent he coaches he will never command the respect of the players. his unwillingness to change and bend through difficult situations proved coatly for our teams chances at a title.

  32. mrozen says:

    Don’t get me wrong Favre did prove he was a warrior -for the hits he took and kept on ticking-I know he wants to win-

  33. Mary Ann says:

    I agree, but what about the players, are you going to fire all of them, they are the ones that are not playing… The missed routes and what is going on with the defense… They need to really look at themselves also..

    1. Lee says:

      Leave the dumb comments by a stupiid women out!

      1. sharbear says:

        Lee- You don’t even know how to spell stupid- because you’re so stupiid.

      2. Lakisha says:

        I’m guessing you’re single …

    2. ashley says:

      I think that the players were purposly sucking it up to get him fired. Dallas is a good example. They creamated the teams that they have played since they got a new coach. Makes u wonder

      1. Lakisha says:

        I would hope that the players wouldn’t purposely tank an entire season for that reason … seriously, these guys are playing at the “professional” level – you’d hope winning would mean more to them than that!

  34. Bryce says:

    Hopefully Zygi realizes he need to set up a chain of command for the management of the team. It was Zygi and some of the players that wanted Farve back this year, not Childress. Something needed to be done to get the players to perform better. I look at the dollars that members of the left side of the offensive line receives..are they doing a good job protecting the QB. The defensive line just started to pick up their game..a little to late. How much money are those guys making. This all reminds me of an angry parent trying to get the coach fired because his child is not playing enough.

  35. Jonny G says:

    Player capabilities and injuries aside, the coach has responsibilities too. As a season ticket holder I expect that the coach bring emotion to the game as well, and to sit and watch a head coach void of emotion is infectious. It is the same in football as in business. If you come with an attitude that there is always the next time, so will your employees. If your subordinates hate you, that is one thing. If they don’t respect you, well then you are done before you begin. If it were just one player, the team takes care of the player. If its the whole team, well they all can’t be wrong. This move has been long in the making, I just wish it wasn’t at the expense of the entire season.

    1. mmm says:

      Childress is about as fun as watching paint dry but lets not put the injuries aside. No one was in training camp and if Farve didn’t love the spotlight, like every athlete, he should have been able to figure out that there was no chance in hell that the Vikes were going to the Super Bowl. I didn’t think it would be this bad, but I didn’t see them much better then 500. Better days ahead!!

  36. MN_18 says:

    All Favre haters obviously don’t know the game of football. It’s ALL coaching. You can have all the talent in the world (as we do) but it all has to be meshed together by the coaching staff. First, offensive line TERRIBLE, this connects to Brett’s play. He has no idea how long he has before he gets hammered because he has no protection. He plays in that back field in fear as he knows he only has so much time to TRY and find a receiver. Head Coach needs to find a cure for that and in the meantime design plays for Brett that doesn’t require that much time to develop. If he can’t figure those things out then he needs to listen to Brett (who has earned his stripes and to be heard) what he is telling him on the field and how to be productive. I don’t blame all of Favre’s plays on Childress but he is no different then any other quarterback in this league they all thorw interceptions the majority of his have been because of bad hands from our receivers or lack of time and fear factor in the pocket. Childress NEEDED to GO!!

  37. Pennie says:

    ABOUT TIME! I never cared for Childress as head coach. I found him not only aloof and rigid but arrogant too. It seemed to me that he never really listened to his coaching staff. I really believe that some of the players disliked him so much they played badly on purpose to make sure Childress got fired, well they finally got their way! Lets hope they can win all of their remaining games.

  38. chris steffen says:

    see ya chilly dont let the door hit your in the butt

  39. Johnny says:

    Time for Favre to go , but TJ is not the answer either. Time to give Webb the field time , so he can lead the Viks for years to come.

  40. lisa says:

    Favre is nothing but poison to this team – both on and off the field. He should have been fired long before Childress. This is most certianly NOT the way to get a new stadium…….

  41. KathyT says:

    about time, while it is the players that play the game, with a fickle leader things don’t get done. Favre needs to be benched for the season and by benched I mean visible at all games on the bench, why should he be allowed to go home and live in the lap of luxury, he owes this team his visible support

  42. Keith says:

    Why is Leslie Frazier being named coach?
    He is part of the problem too!!!
    Replace the entire offensive coaching staff!!!!!
    Bring in some new blood!!!!!

  43. Carol Brown says:

    Appears to be a calculated Hail Mary pass….

  44. Damian says:

    With the amount that the so called players are getting paid they should KNOW their job and NOT need a coach.

    They all should be able to play the whole game as the final two minute drill, if not they are not fit to play and pay adjusted accordingly.

  45. Concerned says:

    I am not sure why everyone is against Childress. When you get down to it, he really was a great coach, leader, change agent. Unfortunately, no one really allowed him to blossom and show what a true leader he really is. I wish him the best of luck.

  46. Adamp1916 says:

    What’s more pathetic.. The vikings / cowboys’ seasons, or the fact that packer’s fans actually believe this is sound logic?

    “You lost 70% of your games this year and one of them was to the packers, therefore the packers are solely responsible for your staff changes.”

    I laugh at how bad the vikings and cowboys are, but not as hard as I laugh at the intelligence level of packers fans.

    1. spizz says:

      Keep laughing. It might keep you from crying about that pathetic football team of yours, but I doubt it. Bi-queens fans have been crying purple tears since ’61. Go Pack…your bags, Chilly!

      1. Shane Gillespie says:

        Is bi-queens suppose to be an insult? Because I like that name and I would wear it proudly as a team!

  47. mike says:

    We all should have known that chilli didn’t have a clue when he drafted T-jack

  48. marcus says:

    i couldnt have said this better myself……..it was absolutely chilly…..whatch the change in this team…..!!!

  49. Who Cares? says:

    I don’t care

  50. Desirae says:

    I’m glad that chilly is gone! You could tell in the last game that he didn’t even care because he knew he was going to ge fired. Now leslie can bring us around becuase we need a coach that has confidence in us and not just nagg and yell at them all the time. Yea I understand that the player do it to but your the coach! I’m sorry for the next teams that gets him! He will just do the same thing to your team.

  51. Shane Gillespie says:

    So we almost go to the Superbowl last year (Brad Childress is coach). We Suck this year (Brad Childress) is coach, so it’s his fault? Nearly all the same players are playing this year as last year. And you got to factor in injuries. It’s not his fault the players are not stepping it up this year. So is Brad suppose to do special magic tricks with his Harry Potter wand that makes players play better? You can coach all you want, yell, have double practices, but in the end it all comes down to how well the players put forth their best effort! And their is nothing a coach or anyone else can do about it. When did football turn into a must win every single game sport? Some seasons are better than others. That is what makes it exciting. Now if you have a bad season, everyone is pointing fingers…talking about firing someone. Ridiculous! So what, you have a bad season. boo-hooo.. You try again next year! I can’t believe Wilf is going to cave in to a group of pansy fans. He should of kicked them out of the stadium. I think all these NFL coaches need to unionize and do something about this. This is ridiculous. Better yet, take Wilf and the Vikings and move them to a different state. If the fans and Wilf can’t support the team even through tough times, then we don’t need football here.

  52. christina says:

    wow, thats rough!! Yeah, so chidress isnt the perfect coach.
    But he can only do so much! HIS TEAM screwed UP!!! I am sooo damn tired of hearing about FAVRE,how he is THE MAN,HE CAN TURN THIS TEAM AROUND.
    It takes the WHOLE TEAM!! Favre should have retired 2 years ago.
    I am very curious to know if this would work for all the REAL people, lets all screw upo and NOT do our job the right way..maybe OUR managers/boss will get fired too !! Only in sports does the coach get fired for someone else NOT doing the job they get payed to do !
    I am sorry Coach Chidress for all the crap you have to take because the team screwd up and didnt do get the job done.

  53. Denny says:

    It’s not all Childress’s fault. The whole team is bad news. They get paid the
    big bucks, they should be playing 150%. They know how the game is\played.
    Grow up!!!

  54. Dan Rakow says:

    I’m a Chicago Bears Fan and I’m definitley NO FAN OF THE PACKERS and I’m very dissapointed that Brad Childress Coached very poorley after the Pack clobbered the Vikes.

  55. Doug says:

    LA Vikings – here we go!!

  56. Go Away Vikings says:

    The Vikings need to get out of MN and start fresh somewhere else…it is unlikely they are going to get a new stadium, the fans are not passionate about the team as a whole, and it is unlikely they’ll ever win a SuperBowl in our life time….just kinda sad.

  57. sharbear says:

    Zygi- 2 words: Tony Dungy. Pay him whatever he wants to bring him out of retirement. He should have been our head coach years ago.

  58. Bob says:


    “Stupid” is spelled with 1 i.

  59. Dick says:

    Chilly should not have been fired, unless the entire coaching staff were to leave town with him. Players that call themselves “professional” and play like a bunch of children should be told to drive the coaching staff out of town in a bus and don’t come back. These characters that put their money/contracts ahead of doing their job need a rude awakening, like maybe the waiver wire…..

    I feel better now, hope these spoiled “professionals” sleep well in the weeks to come…

  60. Kate1977 says:

    While I agree that it was way past time for Childress to go (I’ve never been impressed by him – last year was a fluke!) … I also think the players need to do some serious soul-searching and ask themselves if they really want to be professional athletes. And if they do, then they should grow up & start acting like it. Aside from Greenway & Leber, the defense as a whole has SUCKED this year. Where’s Jared Allen been? Was the mullet the key to his on-field success? Grow it back, for the love of Lombardi! I’d also say the O-line is probably the most overpaid in the entire NFL – worthless! We hearty Minnesotans should break out the “Sieve!” chant at Vikings games …

  61. So What says:

    Will our taxes go down now? Will there be fewer homeless? Will the streets become safer? Will people stop dying in Afghanistan? Will politicians start working together for the good of their constituents instead of their own personal agenda? It’s only football.

  62. Greg Shepherd says:

    I agree with Brad Childress gone,BUT how about the rest of the team they are not very good and Farve he is a joke,for the money they make something should be done to them deducted money from there pay. Nothing happens to them and thats to bad.

  63. Dw says:

    I guess Brad Childress was the one missing tackles and dropping balls yesterday at the Metrodome. I thought I saw him on the sideline, not on the field. Players should take some personal responsibility for the losses.

  64. steve says:

    lets get Bud Grant back and take the roof off the dome

  65. Tc Radiodj says:

    Good lord it’s about time! He should have been fired YEARS ago!

  66. Bob says:

    Lets get the story correct. Farve Never did show up at training camp. Maybe that is part of the trouble. It is a team sport not a ME ME Me sport. The above article states that he showed up at camp in mid August. I live here in Mankato and he never showed up Here period. Get the facts straight.

  67. mattey says:

    The Vikings have ruined my life.

  68. bradley t wwrigley says:


  69. Djack says:

    In the end, it’s just a game. Nobody is being shot at or dying on the fileld of battle, it’s a GAME people.

  70. rj says:

    Don’t blame your ruined life on the Vikings.

  71. TC Huddle says:

    Thanks for the post! We love following your site. Check out our updated take on the Childress firing at our new site TC Huddle- http://www.tchuddle.com/?p=62

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