MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A 39-year-old man from Bloomington has been charged after police say he threw several objects at cars and trucks, including a vise that seriously injured an Iraq War veteran.

Gerret Daniel Parks has been charged with four counts of first-degree damage to property and one count of first-degree assault in connection to several incidents.

A warrant has been issued for Parks’ arrest. Parks posted bail early Sunday morning in Hennepin County, where he was being held in connection with property damage incidents. Then on Monday, he bailed out of a Polk County, Wis. jail, after being arrested for drunk driving and fleeing police.

In both cases, bail was set by a judge.

According to the criminal complaint, Bloomington Police received 14 reported crimes of damage to vehicles from objects being thrown at moving vehicles on Normandale Boulevard, between 84th Street and 98th Street.

Most of the incidents caused significant damage to the front of the victim’s vehicle. Several of the victims reported the object came from the driver’s side of an oncoming vehicle.

Among the items thrown, police said there was a large water jug, an anvil-shaped heavy object, a Bartles and James liquor bottle, a box of baking soda, a glass bottle, a large rock, a 15-pound hex dumbbell (cut in half) and a bench vise.

The vise that was thrown hit veteran Jon Stacke in the face, breaking his jaw and shattering nine of his teeth. Stacke said he lost consciousness during the incident and his passenger was forced to grab the steering wheel and pull the emergency brake to stop the vehicle.

Investigators completed a search warrant of Parks’ home and found a receipt for Bartles and James Pomegranate Raspberry Wine and dumbbells matching the description from a prior incident. Parks also admitted to recently throwing away a vise and a 15-pound dumbbell.

Parks was placed under arrest after the search warrant and was transferred to the Bloomington Police Department. During an interview with police where Parks was questioned about throwing various objects, he said he threw away all objects several weeks before the incidents. He claimed a former friend must have stolen the items and was trying to set him up.

Police also noted they had surveillance tape showing Parks purchasing a large water jug and the Bartles and James wine. Parks said he put the water jug outside to get cold so someone else must have stolen it. He also said he doesn’t even like Bartles and James wine.

Later at the Bloomington Police Department jail, Parks became suicidal and tried to slit his wrists with the zipper of his pants, according to the complaint. He was transported to Hennepin County Medical Center and then to Hennepin County Jail where he posted a $50,000 bond and was released.

Parks was again arrested on Sunday in St. Croix Falls, Wis., after he was found driving a BMW 70-80 mph in a 35-mph zone. Police arrested him for fleeing police, DWI and resisting arrest.

Parks allegedly told the officers he was suicidal and was thinking of driving off a bridge, according to the complaint.

He again posted bond in Wisconsin and was released.

Parks is considered a danger to himself, as well as the community.

Comments (16)
  1. Suzette says:

    Grow the hell up already and get a life. Seriously, 32 years old and throwing stuff off the overpass???? Somebody has too much time and too little brains!! What an A#&hole!!

  2. Mpls Resident says:

    If he’s a danger to himself and the community, then why is bail even allowed?Oh well.

  3. Hey Now says:

    Ugliest mug shot I ever done seen….

  4. kevin says:

    Previous articles contain a few clues about him and his bahavior. 39 years old and lives with his mom. She defends him saying he’s a good kid. Driving a BMW. Sounds like an extremely spoiled mamas boy.

  5. Wow says:

    So, the guy he hit with the vise… is he a vet by any chance? I wonder if he shops at Cub. Or maybe Rainbow. Lunds?

    “…police say he threw several objects at cars and trucks, including a vise that seriously injured a man who shops at Byerly’s.”

    OK, then.

    1. PFred says:

      Why does where either of them shops referred to here? Who cares, really!??

  6. ts says:

    Why do they have to say “Iraq War veteran.”many times
    is that much more better than the common people!!!!!
    must be NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Wow says:

    Why, yes, I agree. That is an insightful comment.

  8. do do says:

    I get the feeling it’s because us viet nam vets are low quality ppl and the Iraq vet is a big hero, even though most did not go thru the horror we nam vets did….

  9. ck says:

    When the guy said he was going to drive off a bridge, the cops should have put him back in the car and escorted him in the right direction.. What a waist of oxygen. ‘Ts’, you should thank a Veteran someday that you are reading this in English.

    1. jebba says:

      at the end of the day were all human. I dont see the relevence of mentioning hes a vet. its a job he choose

      1. NorWex says:

        I agree, I think it was only put in there to add drama to the story and Would of been relevant if he was targeted because he was a vet and probably would left out the description had he been a 60 year old vietnam vet.

  10. Naomi Thompson says:

    I think you’re missing the point a bit. The mention of the war vet’s status is meant to be ironic in that the guy goes to war and supposedly comes home where he’s safe and he’s violently injured by a lunatic.

  11. Why? says:

    When Gerret spends time in jail, I wonder if his rich mommy would adopt me

  12. heather says:

    This has happened to me twice after having moved to the South Bay of Southern California. i can’t even get anyone to respond to it! I grew up in West Los Angeles, where this kind of thing never happened. I think that this is terrible! I am getting so nervour that I don’t even want to get into my car. This is just barbaric.

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