By Esme Murphy, WCCO-TV

Having covered the Denny Hecker saga for almost two years, people keep asking me: What does Christi Rowan see in him?

At the beginning it seemed pretty obvious. Rowan has a $400,000 judgment against her because that is how much Hecker spent on her in the year before and just after he filed for bankruptcy. There was an apartment, a $60,000 fur coat, jewelry, trips and just about anything else.

Who wouldn’t like that? I didn’t even know fur coats could cost 60 G’s.

But now Hecker is in jail, ready to go prison. He has less than no money. He has a $200 million-plus judgment against him. That means if he ever makes any money the bankruptcy court will seize it. He is facing up to ten years in prison. As a direct result of Rowan’s relationship with Hecker, she now faces at least six months in prison for lying under oath and for bank fraud. She and her two young children are about to be evicted from the home she shared with Hecker.

Yet in an interview with me Christi Rowan described Hecker as her “soul mate.” She insisted “our lives have never been better.” That last quote is one of the many that did not make it into my story last night. Believe me, it was hard to pick which quotes to use.

No, she wouldn’t talk about any legal matters, including the charge that she and Hecker tried to orchestrate a wedding while Hecker was under armed guard at the U.S. Attorney’s Office. That would have been a first, I am sure.

And so I have reached a conclusion after talking to her. Some may argue that love is blind, or love is crazy. But Rowan believes she is living, as she put it, a fairy tale. And as she put it, “No fairy tale ever started good.”

Comments (14)
  1. Nancy Aleshire says:

    I have one word to describe Christi–Golddigger. I guarantee she would have no interest in that older man had he not have money. She knew what he was involved in, so I have no sympathy if she has to serve her time.

    1. Tony Rozycki says:

      nancy , how do you guarantee ? did she ask for sympathy? judgement comes from with in ourselves . take a break forgive yourself for your own mistakes and you will find peace.

      1. steve I says:

        I agree completely with Nancy.

  2. Tony Rozycki says:

    As an optimistic almost-older man, I believe that love is a many-splendored thing.

    Could it be mutual insecurity or fatalism that’s fueling this “romance”?

    Or hopeful vision of a shining golden loophole around the next bend?

    1. Tony R says:

      Update: attempted marriage

  3. City Girl says:

    “No fairy tale ever started good” fairly tale ever started well. Me talk good one day.

  4. kathy says:

    Golddigger HA – far from it. If you all only knew her she would give any one of you the shirt off her back or the last penny she had in her pocket she is just that kind of person. She only has to answer to one – no one has the right to judge another.

    1. steve I says:

      To Kathy: You said she would give the shirt off her back. Then why is she trying to live in a small mansion for free and why did she help Hecker hide money?

  5. ryan says:

    I am guessing its with a very special person in minneapolis , kind enough to invest it into a home , title company says $ cashiers check last name the same as his .

  6. Tony Rozycki says:

    Somebody forged my name on the Dec 4 1:56 AM comment reply to Nancy Aleshire!?

    (Unless it was my 4th grader nephew which I doubt.)

  7. tired of her lies says:

    Kathy if that is true, why have I been trying unsuccessfully to collect on a NSF check Christi gave me 11 months ago? In the meantime she has spent tens of thousands of dollars on herself and her kids. Christi doesn’t care about anyone but herself and she doesn’t care what she does to other people with her actions.

  8. Sandy says:

    At least she is using some of the stolen money for private schools for her kids. It is beyond me what is really going on here. Maybe she really loves him? Why would any person put up with what she has? Sometimes it starts out as attraction to the lifestyle and the money, but evolves into love. Who knows? She needs to get a job and get back to participating in a regular lifestyle like the rest of us.

  9. Sandy says:

    I forgot to say that money, luxury,etc. is very intoxicating and more powerful than a drug – so that is likely why she is going through all this. Denny too – it is just too hard to give it all up when you define yourself by your possessions.

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