Day three’s travel tip — renting a house or staying with a stranger — may make you wonder if it is worth the savings. But Mary Song, founder of discount-travel site said it can be a great money-saving option.

Tip 3: Rent A House/Stay With A Stranger

Song suggests the site The site lets you connect with homeowners worldwide who are looking to rent out extra rooms. That can mean a big saving when you’re traveling — especially to the really pricey locales. The website also has a secure payment system that lets you look through different homeowners in the area you’re traveling, so prices can stay competitive. Plus you can get reviews from people who have already stayed with them.

Think of it as being an adult foreign exchange student. You get to live in the culture, not a hotel, and meet new people.

Another great way to save some money while traveling, if you are willing, is to log onto the Home Exchange. This site lets you swap homes with other homeowners in 142 counties. You may have seen it in the movie ‘The Holiday‘ where characters played by Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz swap homes in an effort to get away for awhile and get a fresh start.

Staying at a home is a very flexible — and some say more authentic — way to travel.

And if you missed it, click below to see the tips from earlier this week.

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Remember to check back for a new tip tomorrow.

If you know of any off-the-beaten-path travel deals, share them with other ‘Good Lifers’ in the comment section and they may be featured in an upcoming blog. You can also read more money-saving blog posts here and text WCCODEALS to 84816 for a ‘deals of the week’ reminder.

Comments (11)
  1. Kelly says:

    I do not think I would stay with a stanger to many weirdos out there in the world.

    1. Weed Can Save Us says:

      That’s the problem with most Americans.. We think the entire world is filled with “weirdos” so we feel the need to hide behind lock doors .. they are way more decent people than they are “weirdos” out there… Chances of running into a “weirdo” is allot less than chances of you running into a nice person.. Time to think and live outside the box

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