MOORHEAD, Minn. (WCCO) — A waitress in Minnesota will keep her $12,000 tip after police confiscated the cash, according to her attorney Craig Richie.

“The county attorney’s office and the Moorhead Police Department have agreed to give her the entire $12,000,” said Richie.

Stacy Knutson says she got the money after a customer left a box at her table at the Fryn’ Pan Restaurant in Moorhead. She followed the customer to her car to return the box but the woman told her to keep it. Knutson found bundled rolls of cash inside the box.

NewsRadio 830 WCCO’s John Williams Talks With Stacy Knutsons Attorney

She said even though she has five children and could use the money, she decided to call police.

“They’re strapped financially,” said Richie.

Officers told the woman to wait 90 days in case someone claimed the money. Richie says after three months, police told Knutson the cash was being held as drug money.

“They initially said they were going to give it to her,” said Richie. “Then they said, ‘Oh, well, no we had the drug dogs sniff it and we think there’s drugs on it and we are going to keep it.'”

Richie says police offered her a $1,000 reward, but she never received it. She then filed a lawsuit in Clay County District Court.

“We argued that most money that you carry in your pocket has drug residue on it,” said Richie. “She could’ve kept the money and nobody would’ve known. But she said, ‘No, I’m going to do the right thing.’ So she called police and now integrity has now prevailed.”

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  1. Bob says:

    drug residue, really Moorehead Police? that was your argument, you should all be fired, you’re all a bunch of slimy dirtballs

    1. Deep Thinker says:

      It really makes you wonder about these cops involved. Especially since drug residue on money is not uncommon.

      1. markH says:

        The smart bet is to wonder about ALL cops. Yes, there are some good cops out there who risk their lives…yadda, yadda, yadda. We’ve all heard the “hero” talk about how altruistic the police are. Reality is much, much different. I am a law-abiding citizen who was once ordered (at gunpoint) out of my vehicle because the “month” tag on my license plate somehow fell off. My two children were in the car at the time (both under age 6) and were thoroughly terrified. The cop ultimately apologized, but his ego and abuse of power disgusted me then and now. The moral of the story is…trust the police at your own peril.

    2. kmrod says:

      4 of 5 american paper bills has drug residue on it

      those police are idiots

      1. brendancalling says:

        NO. THEY”RE CORRUPT. They wanted to keep the money for themselves, just like they get to keep anything else they seize. Read up on asset forfeiture.

        1. Michael says:

          Corrupt? I don’t know and neither odes anyone else. What I see is a cash strapped system that is out to drain every last nickel they can from the citizens. To me it’s no different than all the speed traps, red light cameras and the likes. Big Gov’t needs big money to operate. If you haven’t notice gov’t is broke at all levels, there is no money left. So, now in the so-called name of ‘safety’, local and state gov’ts are setting up clever ways to siphon cash from folks. This is no different, find some technicality to swindle the money from a good citizen. Lesson learned here is to NEVER invovle police unless absolutely neccessary!

          1. Common Man says:

            Instead of letting these vermin “siphon” cash from the citizenry, they should all be fired for being corrupt. When election time comes around everyone from the Mayor down should be replaced.

          2. nick says:

            ecause it might be legal doesn;t mean it’s not corrupt.

          3. nick says:

            sorry,truncated post. That should read:
            Just because it’s legal doesn’t mean it’s not corrupt.

    3. willie says:

      VA Hospital, Augusta GA. My friend found $800. in the parking lot. He turned it in to VA police. They KEPT IT. and put it in the policemans fund. DAMN CROOKS.

      1. James D says:

        I completely agree, but if you hand money in to the cops, you deserve to be ripped off for being so stupid. The thief is wrong to steal, but if I decide to be a chump and let him steal from me, I get what’s coming to me, don’t I?

        1. dog says:

          Agreed, you would have to be pretty stupid to trust the cops with $12,000.

          People think the government and the cops are magical and loving but they are really just people, who are armed to the teeth and used to telling everyone else what to do

          1. I was a Narcotics officer in Detroit. I can state with all honesty that the Police do indeed keep money from drug busts. I’m talking about the individual officers. The money they DON’T keep gets logged in. I’ve done $150,000 busts where $60K was turned in as the “official” number. It happens all the time.

        2. Larz Blackman says:

          People do stupid things, but that doesn’t mean they deserve to be ripped off. Don’t lose your compassion.

        3. bruce brinkmann says:

          Honesty and integrity are gone by the wayside, when it comes to any government authority. Legislative, Judicial and Executive are now ruled by the seven deadly sins which is just human nature I’m afraid. That is without having any faith in the God of your understanding.

          1. Indigo Red says:

            Honesty and integrity have not gone by the wayside. People all over the world have been doing this for centuries. It’s part of why government was invented – to legitimize and systematize theft – as illustrated on the bumper sticker: Don’t steal – government hates the competition.

            1. Ratso Rizzo says:

              The waitress showed a great degree of honesty and integrity.

              1. Matt says:

                And stupidity. Never trust the cops.

              2. markH says:

                “The waitress showed a great degree of honesty and integrity.”

                Yeah, that and $2.00 will get you a bus ride.

    4. TX4ever says:

      I have to agree. This is unacceptable conduct and everyone involved, including supervisors who knew this was going on and did NOTHING about it should receive reprimands in writing.

    5. Joe GI says:

      Cops are high pay, generous pension, nice health insurance, untouchable, and invincible with powerful union and District Attorney Office. If you cannot give, please stop taking from hardworking Americans with integrity.

      If you are thinking about tainted money, take on banks and financial institutions with blood money.

      Congratulation..Moorhead and Fargo have become infamous around the world. are on TV and start to spread out.

    6. Joe GI says:

      Moorhead police dept is not the only crooks in this tragedy and it is not fair to shine on them alone. If you demand investigation, you will find out the ugly truth. Can you
      handle the truth? Nothing will happens to these “bunch of slimy dirtballs” with powerful union and politicans behind them. They are untouchable, invincible and going immortal.

    7. Jim says:

      The money in the cop wallet has just as much drug residue on it as any other money. How often to they cash their paycheck and turn the money in? My guess is never. The theives got caught red handed attempting to steal this ladies money.

    8. BILL MCNEAL says:

      speaking of slimy dirtballs, what do you think think the f&^&^%%$king lawyer got out of the $12000.00????????

      1. ratbag says:

        If it wasn’t for the lawyer, do you think for one minute she would have gotten to keep the money?

        No wonder people keep evaluating if “honesty is the best policy.”

      2. Gray says:

        Great point. How horrible of this attorney spend time to get the woman the cash that the police would otherwise have stolen.

    9. Tom says:

      The drug residue probably came from the cops’ own sticky fingers.

  2. Nota Red says:

    May no good deed go unpunished. What exactly is the job of the Police, to harrass honest citizans?

    1. WhereHope says:

      Government does not mind harassing law abiding citizens. They usually cooperate and offer little resistance. It’s hard work to go after criminals.

    2. Terry says:

      They are revenue generators. They are no longer peace officers. They have become tax collectors and criminals themselves as they break their oath every day. They take an oath to be peace keepers and everyday they are out there breaking the constitution and disturbing the peace.

    3. Bob Dobbs says:

      That’s exactly correct, the job of police is to harass, intimidate and control honest citizens. Dealing with actual criminals is much harder and they strongly prefer not to do that.

      The proof? Look up your local PD’s arrest blotter and see for yourself what they are spending their time on. You just might be shocked at how little actual crime they deal with.

  3. Refrigerator Larry says:

    This has its roots in the drug war. All kinds of criminal activity committed by the government all in the name of the failed and misguided “drug war”. Its no wonder there is so little respect for law enforcement.

  4. Duh Time says:

    Wow! Such magic. This reminds me of the sitcom ‘I Dream of Jeannie’ Smoking spirits coming out of bottles is based on Islamic religious folklore. So, Jeannie’s American master was an Air Force pilot, then 911 happened and all that…..

    1. Deep Thinker says:

      Yah, don’t you know. I think it’s all one big conspiracy & I’m in on it, but I just don’t know how yet

  5. PiggyWilf says:

    I love jackactionhero!

  6. forestwilson says:

    What the customer giveth, the govenrnment taketh away. Ummm, it seems getting the government involved is never a good idea…just sayin. Forest Wilson

  7. Steve says:

    they were preseured into doing so by all the media coverage, otherwise she wouldn’t have got a penny of that money..

    1. k9s says:

      Right is someone is dead or dieing call the cops, otherwise NEVER EVER call the cops.

  8. Gordon says:

    This is why people don’t respect the cops anymore. It’s institutionalized corruption now under the guise of the “War on Drugs”.

    1. Larry says:

      Sorry, but wearing a uniform or judges’ robes doesm’t make one moral or honorable. That’s something reared into you by age 6. Unfortunately taken as a whole America’s parents are among the world’s worst and the richer they are the worse they get. Guess that’s why we have 5 traitors on the SCOTUS legalizing corruptions.

  9. A. Cooper says:

    She would have never gotten the money back if she had not retained a lawyer. The greed perpetrated by “legalized gangters” is in itself criminal. But … thats how “legalized gangsters” … got it like dat!!

    1. Joe GI says:

      We all pretty much have the idea that the cops want the money, otherwise this wouldn’t be a “story”. Now she has to pay hefty fee and settlement to lawyer. Then deal with IRS with her “tip” income.
      Altogether, these are enteprise criminal. Rarely these days does honesty seem to get rewarded.

      1. Larry says:

        Yes, Joe,usually it’s punished, look at virtually every whistleblower, which includes Pvt. Manning.

  10. Hendrik says:

    Drug residue on money? Test the money in your wallet. I’m betting at least 50% of has some sort of drug residue on it. The only reason the cops gave this woman back the money is because she filed a lawsuit and called the media, otherwise the cops would have added the money to the “widows and orphans fund” at the local police station.

  11. auzzievick says:

    Wonderful! This was dinner table conversation for us tonight. Pleased to hear someone who really NEEDS it get it. No different than winning the lottery.

  12. Ron Burgandy says:

    Dang that’s a lot of donuts.

  13. Groveton says:

    How much did the lawyer get?

  14. wildbill6996 says:

    Thank God someone in that county finally removed their head from the posterior and did the right thing.

  15. 4576557fefeg says:

    If the police could seize all cash with drug traces on it, they would never be low on funds again. . .

  16. Bob says:

    The police Chief that is in charge of the department should be canned for letting this go nation wide and making our city look stupid!!!

    1. Real Deal says:

      Bob , I think you deserve the village idiot award if you actually live in Moorhead. Low life.

      1. Jim says:

        Its comments like that that give you Moorhead cops a bad name.

    2. gdaddy says:

      Your city does not look stupid. Your cops do. This could happen in any city in America. It just hit your town this time. Cops are thugs with the support of the government. Creating more criminals puts more otherwise innocent people under the thumb of the government, with court ordered drug and alcohol testing, anger management, involvement in the raising of your kids, etc, etc, etc.

  17. laffin'atcha says:

    Unfortunately, she’ll have to pay her attorney his fees for getting the cops to do what they should have done all along…

  18. Annie says:

    Hopefully the lawyer did this probono and she gets to keep all the money

  19. rb says:

    the only reason they are doing the right thing is they were forced to. these people tried to steal the money from an honest citizen. there should be a complete investigation of the department and the dishonest people that work there. every cop on the planet knows all money in circulation has drug residue. that was an attempt to intimidate this woman and ultimately take her money.

  20. Moses says:

    Tell the cops to go to Bank America and test all their cash for drug residue and try to keep any they find residue on it. We can sit back and watch the fur fly!

    1. Real Deal says:

      You honesty have got to be one of the most ignorant mopes on this site. SNL is hiring.

      1. Joe GI says:

        I would rather be “the most ignorant mopes” than shameful cops or disgraced politicans when I grow up.

      2. Jim says:

        Hey Anonymous Cop, why don’t you test the money in your wallet and turn the “drug money” portion into your sarge.

        1. Real Deal says:

          I only carry gold coins in my pocket.

  21. Dave Seavy says:

    This goes to show that law enforcement is about as crooked as it can get. Every piece of paper curency in the US has traces of drugs. The police department figured they could toss the cash in their coffers and get by with it. Had it not been for her attorney and the media, they would have done just that. Is it any wonder why people don’t trust our government and law enforcement? They give the rest of the law enforcement agencies a bad name, and there are plenty of honest and hard-working officers and agencies out there; they don’t need one agency making them all look bad. I hope they have to pay her attorney as well.

    1. Real Deal says:

      This goes to show you how small minded you really are. That’s to be expected from anti-government and anti-cop type fellas as yourself. Question for all of you that are slamming the police (even tho this all started with the waitress calling the police). If the waitress called the police in the first place , is it reasonable to believe that she thought something wasn’t right about taking the 12,000.00 and therefore thought the police should be involved? SHE GOT HER MONEY in the end. Cops didn’t line there pockets with 12,000.00 as everybody that posted rhetoric yesterday were yelling foul. Foul is the accusations made by a few hundred bloggers on yesterdays story. Shameful and disgraceful. Warriors in blue know better and did what was right in the end, regardless if it took a little public pressure, they still did what was right.

      1. Sum Guy says:

        Wana Doughnut

      2. Warriors in blue, lol says:

        Warriors in blue??? That’s to be expected from badge licking cowards as yourself. You know perfectly well that the woman wouldn’t have gotten her money back if it hadn’t been for this story going viral.

        Never talk to the police. Don’t call them. Stay away from them. Too many of them are corrupt.

        1. Real Deal says:

          Spoken like a wannabe marine, hmm could it be 0311. Which personality are we gonna see today?

      3. cjm1952 says:

        The problem is not that people are anti-government and anti-police. The problem is that so many government officials, including many police, are anti-citizen and anti-freedom.

      4. Al V says:

        Let’s be clear.
        She only “got her money in the end” because the Dept. was publicly shamed into doing the right thing after her attoney got involved. Without the publicity the attoney would have had to drag this through the courts. This dept. was grabbing the cash to pad their stats at the expense of a waitress who was just trying to do the right thing. People don’t expect that when you call the cops to report “found money” that they will simply seize it.

        1. markH says:

          Thanks for making the point AI V. Yes, it took her a long time and the assistance of an attorney to get the police department to do what they should have done on their own.

      5. ninjabob says:

        Nice try pig.

        1. Real Deal says:

          Good one thug.

  22. Paul says:

    the city attempted to steal this money why should the lawyer work for free in helping get it back. If America was not such a lawless cess pool the police would be arrested and jailed for attempted larceny. But we all know they wont because America worships the police even if they are now just an organized criminal gang

  23. Darrel says:

    The cops and city tried to rob her. Only public opinion stopped the crime.

  24. felice says:

    If a customer gave her the money there was no need to call police. Waitress thought maybe she should & did so, but brought investigation upon herself. Not only will she have to pay lawyer BUT TAXES ON THE $12,000.00 as well.

  25. Me says:

    Why drug money? What if it was from prostitution? I’m glad she got the money!

  26. Stephen says:

    Even if it was drug money, she should have been able to keep it. Drug dealers buy stuff. Is the gas station supposed to give back money a drug dealer uses to fill his gas tank? It was money for services rendered, yes the tip was huge but it was one nonetheless. Would the cops have kept it, if it was a $10 tip? Why she called is beyond me though.

  27. Ruckus says:

    Believe me, the cops had plans for that cash. And they were going to offer he less than 10% . No party tonight boys.

    1. Joe GI says:

      Moorhead city officials and pollice dept. are corrupted and greedy. They should offer her 50/50 and everybody is happy. As always, they only mentioned 10% reward, 6 months investigation, and dragging on their feets.
      Let’s when a poor lady recieves her money…It will take a very long time. They probably split the money among themselves.

  28. CF says:

    Cops are no better than the people they arrest. The only difference is the cops try (unsuccessfully) to pass themselves off as honest.

  29. angelcarver says:

    what is this story about? cops steal a waitress’s tip and stuff?

  30. Mark B. says:

    By the time she pays taxes and her attorney, she’ll probably owe a few thousand.

    The cops here a corrupt. There’s no doubt about it.

  31. Real Deal says:

    Sorry bob, you don’t get the idiot award tonight, Chasman does. See above message . Wow , I think I lost braincells reading your post.

  32. Dave-O says:

    Well, it appears to me they’re doing the least wrong thing! They got caught stealing her money.
    Let this be a lesson.
    Deal in cash or barter whenever possible. That way the blood-sucking government(mafia) doesn’t get a cut.

  33. JR says:

    Her luck the cops will send her a 1099 and expect her to pay taxes on it.

  34. Kuta says:

    Next up. The Pi Gs sniff your wallet and take your money.

    1. Real Deal says:

      Spoken like the president of the new black panthers . Who uses the word pigs these days? oh wait Sara Jane Olsen .

    2. Real Deal says:

      Haaa Sara Jane Olsen just commented.

  35. comprof says:

    There would never have been a question in the first place if the greedy government group was not trying to steal money that was not theirs in the first place.What frauds/

  36. Fiftycal says:

    DAMM! Think of all the kewl cop toyz that could have bought!

  37. what?!? says:

    Power of the media brother.. Nothing more.. nothing less!

  38. xxx says:

    The attorney should be nice enough to supply the service pro bono since she is a needy person.
    Her children need the money a lot more than the attorney.

    The same goes for the IRs.

    1. No Hope for Humanity says:

      You know a lot of nice and generous attornies?

  39. Craig rubin says:

    Finally the cops are caught stealing by the media. I’ve know soooo many people who have been robbed by police officers including myself. Glad Drudge picked this up and the mother of five got her her blessing.

  40. Wayne Price says:

    The pollice and city officials need stop this nonsense. They should not only have to pay her legal fees but also interest on the 12K. I sincerely believe that these morons should be held PERSONALLY liable. Monetary compensation should be deducted from their paychecks. Maybe then they will think twice before they pull this kind of stunt.

    Somehow our “protectors” have transformed into thugs. Unfortunately these cowards would make the Sheriff of Nottingham jealous.

    1. Joe GI says:

      Confisticated $12,000 must be reported to chief, captain, mayor, city officials, etc. These crooks made a final decision and how to split the money.
      There is no mention about untouchable enteprise criminals. All they have to do is figuring out how to return money.
      There is no prosecution or misdemeanor crime because they will protect each others for their own benefits. Instead of law enforcement, cops and politcasn have become revenue enhancer for their municipality at best or themselves at worst.

    2. Wayne Price says:

      Don’t waste your time on “Real Deal”. He is obviously taking these comments personally. Deductive reasoning would lead one to conclude that he is probably one of the perpetrators of this piece of fine police work.

      Too bad they didn’t get to keep the 12K. They could’ve used the money to buy a clue.

      1. Real Deal says:

        Nice try with your accusation , wrong again. But great one liner at the end. Clue, what a classic.

  41. TRE says:

    Just about all paper currency has drug residue on it… you know, because our War on Drugs is so successful it makes it all that much prevalent.

    The waitress was totally honest in giving the $12,000 cash tip to the police in the first place. It is good the police did the right thing and let her have it.

  42. ljg77 says:

    She was honest…she deserves it. Appears the cops were just like the government wanting to steal from you. It’s sad when you can’t trust law enforcement and the government. America is in bad shape.

  43. Beachguy53 says:

    Well there’s $12,000 the cops don’t have to spend on beer.

  44. Beachguy53 says:

    A Moorehead waitress gets a $12K tip. Must have been one heck of a …. (Sorry couldn’t resist)

  45. Britney says:

    I appreciate the data on your web sites. With thanks!

  46. Steve in Texas says:

    jackactionhero: I love men and drugs


  47. disgustipated says:

    Confiscation of drug money needs to end. This is all the (cough) “War On Drugs” is about. More free money for the trough-slopping pigs.

  48. muneshadowe says:

    One wonders how much alleged drug money ends up being “Pinched”?
    Hers fair and square if the City ended up with it they would have blown it on items that would have most likely ended up at their home.
    That is the nature of the Beast.

  49. Mike Hajer says:

    very true

  50. Stewart says:

    Wow, that’s a great con by the police. “We found drugs on the money so we will keep it”.

    I remember a study done a few years back where they tested a large amount of $1 bills from a bank for traces drugs. To everyone’s surprise they found that 80% of them tested positive for cocaine. The suggested the cause was the use of the bills to snort the stuff and the contact between the bills in your wallet passing trace amounts to the other bills.

  51. Mark Cask says:

    To the fools who supported the policy department on this: MORONS!

  52. Gary says:

    Moral of the story …if somebody gives you a large amount of money or you find a large amount of money take it and say thank you or pick it up and go wow then take it home and keep your mouth shut.Then meter it out over the year banking some periodically and pay some bills; be grateful and smile a lot if anybody asks why your so happy lately tell them you got laid.

    1. Blaidd_Drwg says:

      Perfect. I would never turn in money I had received as a tip. It’s MINE. I’d never say a word about to anybody. I’d buy a new H-D Dyna Street Bob, although I’d make at least three payments to avoid any unnecessary attention.

  53. James says:

    Really sad she had to get an attorney to force the cops to do the right thing. After attorney’s fees, she will end up getting a regular tip out of it. Just ridiculous, the police should be arrested for this crime!

  54. Anon says:

    I hope the news media does not drop this story now. It isn’t over until the police are investigated, charged, sent to court and, if found guilty, punished. And let them pay their own lawyer bills, too.

    Reporters – It is up to you to stay on this.

    – Kris

  55. Kerux says:

    One of our police officers was incredulous: “What? Why did she call the police? It wasn’t lost and unclaimed money! And furthermore most all money has drug residue on it these days.”

  56. IraqVet says:

    Yes, integrity prevailed…but not with the police…it should give us all pause to reflect where the endless war on drugs have taken us.

  57. Elana says:

    Thanks pertaining to delivering many of these well
    put together subject material.

  58. Blaidd_Drwg says:

    Funny how the possibility of being sued and having to prove it was “drug money” caused these cops to change their minds. If I was a waiter and got a box with $12000 for a tip, there’s no way I’d tell ANYBODY, much less the police.

  59. JB says:

    Good for her for standing up to those criminals.

    When law enforcement’s mission strayed from protecting life, liberty and property, it became the keeper of the people rather than the protector of the people. Remember though that this is just the enforcement arm. The problem runs much deeper and scales much higher.

    Thank you ma’am for standing up. Your victory may embolden someone else to do the same. With people like you, we might win this thing yet.

  60. Jim says:

    A little bit of Drudge publicity and lo and behold, the police abandon the attempt to steal her money.

  61. Klaus says:

    Just goes to show, never ever trust your security or freedom to the police. We need massive budget cuts to police across the nation. We’re in a budget crisis. Police forces are nothing more than welfare to work programs. Most cops are criminals with a badge, and most drug trafficking is done by police. Never rely on them to help you in time of need. They will betray you, and you will suffer. Always rely on yourself for your security. Thank heaven for the Second Amendment, Fourth, Fifth, and other.

    1. Real Deal says:

      Another mindless comment from marine 0311.

  62. Bill J says:

    I’m sure the PBA will knock on her door often to get donation from that money.

  63. mrbeverage says:

    the real irony here is…. that this 12k is now counted as income, the waitress must pay taxes on it which is no real secret BUT, the employer now must match the SS withholding tax. so this tip to the waitress cost the employer 20 times what he made on the meal that was served.

  64. justavoter says:

    It was ok for the waitress to keep the money until she realized where it came from. If the watress decided to go ahead and keep the money then she is an accomplice. I would never enjoy spending drug money that has ruined so many lives.

    1. Mark Matis says:

      Do you not realize that you spend “drug money” every day of your life? Take some bills out of your wallet, hand them to your local “Law Enforcement”, and ask them to check them for drugs. And let them keep those bills if they find any traces of drugs on them.

      THAT should be an interesting experience.

  65. RightUnite says:

    Only after a public backlash do they allow her to keep it.

  66. The Morrigan's Pet says:

    Have Democrats run into the ground every city they control? Of course, ripping off some helpless, little working person is a lot easier than running $12K worth of phony traffic citations. What a bunch of tools.

  67. cjm1952 says:

    No. But feel free to start lining up the Banksters. Just to scare them, of course. Line them up and show them pictures of Mussolini.

  68. Steve the CGIS Agent says:

    Good thing they made it right. Would not have happened without the media in this case.

  69. AZsmitty, Arizona says:

    Just amazed, honest citizen contacts police who proceed to rob her. What else can you honestly call what occured? The exposure of what they did resulted in what should have occcured in the first place. Who says greed dosen’t affect everyone? Ricco laws were intended to punish organised criminal activity, not everyday citizens who do the right thing.

    1. Savage says:

      It was out and out attempted theft with a Badge… Don’t get me wrong Cops are useful, like Plumbers, There are times when you need them and time when you don’t…

  70. desert eagle .50 says:

    Why didn’t you end that post with a question, JAQ?

    Please be specific.

  71. BILL MCNEAL says:

    next time don’t give the $ to the cops…..just keep it!!!!!

  72. BILL MCNEAL says:

    next time don’t turn the money in,just keep it!!!!!

  73. Savage says:

    These cops were just outright trying to steal this money…
    Cops are trusted less and less and are acting more and more like para miltary

  74. asdf says:

    Running low on donut money, eh, boys?

  75. asdf says:

    As long as people keep standing up for themselves and slapping the police’s donut-grabbing, grease-laden, overprivileged, money-grubbing hands and saying “NO! BAD COP!”, (as long as there are others to witness it so they don’t KILL you or do other unspeakable things) this nation MAY have a fighting chance – not all cops are bad, but the ones who are, get those feet to the fire, people. In the end, you have to defend yourself, and its’ these sorts of issues that make it obvious.

    To good cops: Good job, keep up the good work, I respect and honor you.
    To dirty cops: Go to Hell, where the donuts are infested with burning, burrowing parasites.

  76. asdf says:

    As long as people keep standing up for themselves and slapping the police’s donut-grabbing, grease-laden, overprivileged, money-grubbing hands and saying “NO! BAD COP!”, (as long as there are others to witness it so they don’t KILL you or do other unspeakable things) this nation MAY have a fighting chance – not all cops are bad, but the ones who are, get those feet to the fire, people. In the end, you have to defend yourself, and its’ these sorts of issues that make it obvious.

    To good cops: Good job, keep up the good work, I respect and honor you.
    To dirty cops: Go to Hell, where the donuts are infested with burning, burrowing parasites, and the coffee is like drinking dirty motor oil, with the droppings of police dogs mixed in to make a nice frappe.

  77. John says:

    What a grand gesture!….allowing a citizen to keep their own property.

  78. asdf says:

    I just left a comment decrying further this type of behavior and emphasizing that in order for our constitutional rights and those given in the bill of rights to have any power, we have to be the ones who give them power – the citizens of this country – by standing up and demanding as one voice that these provisions given to us by our forefathers are met, and that they are not continually put under threat by those in power, trying to change these articles so they do not give guidelines with which to enforce our freedom, but rather, so they are shackles around our ankles with which our legislators can pull us around and make us do their bidding – but mysteriously, that comment did not appear. This is worrying to me. Defend your rights, people, study the Constitution and the Bill of Rights and make sure you know them and when these basic tenets are violated, you stand up for them and raise your voice so you can be heard by others – or you may not have a chance to be heard, and not only is this a problem for you, but for the rest of the nation, as it only encourages further mutilation of our laws and rights as citizens of the United States at the hands of those who seek to oppress and scare us into a state of complacency and acceptance of whatever we’re told, or told to do, regardless of whether it is a violation of our rights or not. Be civil, remain non-violent, as violence will only inflame the issue, and cause desperation on both sides – and when you corner a rat, the situation can turn quite ugly, quite fast. It is better that we simply wake up and start using our intellect and our natural curiosity to pay attention to the things they are trying to take from us, instead of the things they are trying to force our attention onto – American Idol, reality television, meaningless news stories – Trayvon Martin anyone?

    Hopefully this doesn’t result in a knock at the door. If it does, well, you guys know what happened – hopefully if this is the case someone will at least have the guts to stand up and talk about it and raise the issue in people’s minds, and that people will not be so lazy as to stand by and watch it happen, or so fearful and spineless that they do the same, either.

  79. Tom says:

    The position of government is inevitably that a citizen’s good fortune should be the government’s better fortune. Representative Jan Schakowsky (Democrat, Chicago) actually said that ALL of your money belongs to the government. Believe me, this is how they think. You exist at their sufferance.

  80. manniep says:

    Never turn found goods over to the police. They will steal it if they want it.

    The only reason they let his woman keep her money, is that the press, and commentators like you and I, exposed their attempted theft and held tgheir feet vto the fire.

  81. manniep says:

    Never turn found goods over to the police. If they want it, they will steal it.

    The only reason they returned this woman’s property, is that the press and bloggers like you and I exposed their perfidy and held their feet to the fire.

    We won this one.

  82. Nate says:

    Cops suck ! The ones in Colorado trade meth for sex….lol !

  83. FreudianSlip says:

    Corruption is everywhere and seems to be reinforced and supported by the current political powers and their rampant patterns of practice of all out financial corruption in the trillions.

    How many times a day does this happen all over the US? Local law enforcement and politicians using their powers to take advantage financially.

    This waitress was extremely lucky to make the press, shine a light on the corruption and watch the local people in power run like the rats they are.

  84. Hank C. says:

    While I don’t believe the police wanted to keep the money personally, the department wanted the cash. The majority of their “war on drugs” actions are driven by “get the cash”. Whether it be assets or cash money that is the ultimate goal. The department in question here did, in fact, try to use the “war on drugs” to steal the money.

  85. lev says:

    This serves as a lesson for all of Us; don’t call the police about money, actually this just goes for you guys because i would’ve never called the police.

  86. teleste says:

    And the lawyer kept $11,500 of it.

  87. Bagheera says:

    Here’s the moral of this story: In the end it was proven that it’s okay to keep large amounts of money that you find or is given to you. So, if you should find a very large amount of money, don’t go to the police. Keep it, and sleep with a clean conscience.

  88. BOB says:


  89. Anon says:

    So – Where is the follow-up? What officials are being charged with theft? What are the names of the individuals who tried to steal this woman’s money. Who will lose their job over this. I don’t care how much the waitress is being compensated for both her emotional distress and her lawyer’s fees, I want to know whether the guilty parties will be charged.

  90. Isidro says:

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