MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Investigators in Fridley say they need help solving one of the most bizarre cases they’ve ever seen.

Police say they arrested a woman who refuses to tell them who she is. She won’t give her fingerprints, And she has no identification.

Authorities found her hiding in a closet in someone else’s home holding scissors and a cell phone.

The arrest happened Monday after the new owners of a home on 98 Rice Creek Way in Fridley returned from their July 4 vacation and couldn’t get in.

The place was supposed to be empty for renovations, but the locks had been changed, the lights were on, and drapes or blinds were up covering the windows.

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” said Lt. Mike Monsrud of the Fridley Police Department. “Where someone breaks into someone’s house, changes the locks and then starts doing home repairs on the house, which makes this case even more bizarre.”

The owners called police.

When officers went into the home and found the woman in the closet, they say she refused to come out.

“She would not speak to officers at all,” Monsrud said. “The only thing she would keep repeating is that she’s a female and that we don’t have a right to touch her.”

Police had to bring in a canine to get her out. She received medical treatment and stitches for the bite marks.

Officers found a stolen SUV from Wisconsin in the garage and stolen credit cards, but not one document identifying who she is.

“At this point in time we have no idea who she is, or what she may be running from,” Monsrud said.

When officers tried to book her into jail, she refused to cooperate, not letting officers fingerprint her or take her mug shot.

They were able to get one photo of her face while she was sleeping in her cell.

Authorities say until she cooperates or someone helps identify her, she’ll likely stay behind bars.

“We’ve questioned her many times about her motives, while she’s been in our custody. We’ve questioned her as to whether she’s in fear for her life,” said Commander Paul Sommer with the Anoka County Sheriff’s Office. “She’s completely non-responsive.”

When the woman appeared in court for burglary and theft charges, a judge ordered her in contempt after giving two false names and set her bail at $100,000.

Investigators think she could be from the Chicago area and would not speculate on whether she was traveling with someone.

If you have any information, call the Fridley Police Department at 763-572-3629 or the Anoka County Sheriff’s Office at 763-323-5000.

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