DRESSER, Wis. (WCCO) — Despite the snow and heavy traffic Thursday morning, Frank and Chris crossed the St. Croix River and trucked to the Dresser, Wis. area in the Mobile Weather Watcher.

From the Twin Cities, the drive usually takes an hour. But many inches of snow made the trip much longer.

Like other lake towns in Minnesota and Wisconsin, the Dresser area has great lakes for ice fishing and snowmobiling. But there’s also quite a lot to see in the town of 900, like the Dancing Dragonfly Winery.

Frank & Chris Arrive In Dresser

If you need a place to stay in Dresser, few things evoke the feeling of escaping the city better than a log cabin.

“People just like the feeling of being surrounded by logs,” said Aaron Hyman, who builds log cabins one tree at a time.

A typical cabin uses about 80 white pine logs from Wisconsin forests. Each is hand-peeled, lifted into place, carefully measured and marked, and then cut to fit atop the one below.

“The goal is to have it tight enough where you can’t slip a credit card in there,” Hyman said.

A crew of five at Backwoods Log Homes works through the heat and cold to finish four cabins a year.

They are then marked, taken apart, shipped to their final destination, and put back together.

They’re sort of like Lincoln Logs for adults.

Frank & Chris Take In A True Log Cabin Experience

Viewers said Frank and Chris had to check out Arrow Marine in St. Croix Falls, and so they went.

There, they met up with Terry Peer, who knows how to make any lake experience better.

The guys asked Peer what the lake experience means to him. See what he said in the video below.

Frank & Chris Go Deep On Lake Experience

The guys couldn’t really enjoy Dresser without taking in the food.

They stopped by the beloved early bird spot Joyful Morning, where Little Hannah greets every customer at the door.

Viewers then pointed the guys to Village Pizzeria, and after they were welcomed by the Trap Rock Inn, where the cheese curds are a must-get.

When the time for beer came, they went to Ward’s. And while it may serve brew in Packer territory, it’s definitely a Vikings bar.

Frank & Chris Get A Taste Of Dresser

In Osceola, Wis., the guys found a beautiful spot, featuring a frozen waterfall lit in spectacular colors.

The waterfall is the Cascade Falls, and the lighting is done by Scott Lindahl of St. Croix Valley Landscaping.

Frank & Chris Marvel At Frozen Cascade Falls

Also in Osceola, the guys took to the snowy trails on bikes with huge, fat tires.

They hit the trail with Frank Lindeen of Cyclova XC in St. Croix Falls.

Frank & Chris Ride Fat-Tire Bikes

Here are some links to places the guys visited in Dresser:

Backwoods Log Homes

Fat Tire Biking

Big Rock Creek Retreat

Dancing Dragonfly Winery

Arrow Marine

On Friday, the guys will explore more of Dresser. Here’s where they’re going next week:

Feb. 6 & 7: Waseca, Minn.

If you know a place they should go, email us here.

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