ST. PETER, Minn. (WCCO) – Winter doesn’t stop WCCO’s road trip around Minnesota and western Wisconsin.

We’re Goin’ to the Lake even when there’s no snow and the lake is actually a river!

Mark Rosen and Amelia Santaniello started our winter tour in St. Peter in the Minnesota River valley of southern Minnesota, which is just an hour southwest of the Twin Cities.

Winterfest was just kicking off Friday in St. Peter. Amelia and Mark started their day off at River Rock Coffee, where they pride themselves on doing everything from scratch.

Amelia & Mark Go To River Rock Coffee

Amelia and Mark had lunch Friday at Whiskey River, which is a great place to eat good food, and look at nature.

They spend $8,000 a year on bird seed! And they have binoculars above every table if you want to get a closer look at nature.

Amelia and Mark also had the chance to meet St. Peter’s mayor Friday, who gave them some gifts!

Whiskey River, And Meeting St. Peter’s Mayor

And Mark and Amelia just had to go to the oldest barber shop in the state — Nate’s!

A Trip To Nate’s Barbershop

St. Peter is such a wonderful community to visit, and it’s a great place to live.

One of the staples has been here for 35 years, and a lot of you emailed WCCO to tell us to check out the St. Peter Food Co-Op.

It’s been managed by Margo O’Brien for its entire existence! The community really rallies around the place.

It stocks what people here want in their grocery store. And as organic has gone more and more mainstream, business is booming!

Amelia & Mark Visit St. Peter Co-Op

Here are links for all the places Amelia and Mark visited in St. Peter:

Rock River Coffee
Whiskey River
St. Peter Food Co-Op
Nate’s Barbershop
Stained Glass Studio
Gustavus Adolphus College
City of St. Peter
Nate’s Barber Shop
Lonestar BBQ and Grill
Patrick’s Bar

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