MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — It’s the beginning of an emotional week for fans of beloved Minnesota musician Prince. The anniversary of his death is this Friday, April 21.

Several music venues are hosting events throughout the week to celebrate his life.

Monday, documents related to his death investigation that have been sealed for nearly a year will be released.

But fans we talked with would prefer the headlines focus on celebrating his life, not how it ended.

It was a picture perfect day for Michelle Sierra. Her trip downtown included beautiful skies, a Twins game and of course, finding Prince’s name on the wall outside First Avenue & 7th Street Entry.

“I wanted my picture taken with his star,” she said while wearing a shirt bearing an image of the star painted on the side of the venue where Purple Rain was filmed. “There is not a morning that I didn’t wake up and it just kind of dawn on me that this person that’s been so influential in every way in my life, that he’s not here anymore.”

It’s been nearly a year since the iconic musician died of a drug overdose at Paisley Park.

Monday, the public will learn more about the moments after he took his final breath when Carver County releases search warrants connected to the case. The documents will show what evidence was taken and what was returned.

“I’m hoping that even though it’s released that it does not become a public murder scene,” said Sierra.

For Sierra and other Prince faithful, his death isn’t what they want to relive.

Jill Fullick flew all the way from England to spend Sunday visiting Paisley Park and First Avenue. She flies back Monday.

“(I) got a very understanding husband that said ‘Let’s go, Let’s say goodbye,'” she said. “And I feel like I’ve done that today.”

She did so with a handcrafted purple rose using a song sheet for the petals.

“He didn’t know I existed in this little tiny part of England and he made such a difference to my life,” Fullick said.

“We are broken-hearted, but (Prince) would want someone to celebrate this life,” said Sierra.

The celebrations will happen all across the Twin Cities. First Avenue is hosting dance parties Friday and Saturday night at 9 p.m. Outside the venue, 7th Street will be shut down for a dance party Saturday from 5 to 10 p.m.

To see other events planned to celebrate Prince throughout the week, click here.

There’s also events at Paisley Park, in Golden Valley and more.