By Kate Raddatz

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – The first snow of the season looks to fall in Minneapolis as crews are still working to clear streets of fallen leaves.

Minneapolis Public Works Transpiration Director Mike Kennedy says the city has to handle mandatory street sweeping Friday while also on standby for the expected snowfall.

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“We’ve got about a thousand miles and so it takes about four weeks for five crews working around different neighborhoods each day,” Kennedy said.

The street sweeping should continue as planned through Friday’s snow as long as the total is minimal — and the temps stay above freezing.

“You know, we just have to see in the morning,” Kennedy said. “If it’s frozen, then that poses a problem, but if it’s just wet slush and things like that…we can probably keep going.”

Still, there will be a few snowplow operators on standby, just in case.

The city had 12 new operators take a course at Camp Ripley this fall.

Kennedy says cleaning up the leaves and debris may be inconvenient, but it’s key for healthier neighborhoods when winter ends.

“People always need to pay attention when they need to move their car,” Kennedy said. “Never leave it unattended without a plan to get it moved more than 24 hours, because that’s how quickly something could come along.”

The city still has about three weeks of street cleaning work to do. (You can find out when your street is being cleaned here.)

Minnesota Residents Prep For First Taste Of Winter


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