ST. PAUL, Minn. (WCCO) – A Minnesota lobbyist went public Tuesday night with allegations that she was sexually harassed by Rep. Tony Cornish.

Cornish and State Senator Dan Schoen both announced Tuesday afternoon they would resign from their posts as they are both under investigation for sexual harassment at the State Capitol. Cornish said he would resign by Dec. 1.

The lobbyist, Sarah Walker, said she is one of several individuals who have been harassed by Cornish over the last several years. She initially said she chose to remain anonymous to avoid retaliation and be able to continue doing public policy work.

Walker said she hopes by going public, she can encourage others to do the same. She released a full statement on Twitter Tuesday night.

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    It’s like how Ashely Judd went to a TSA supervisor right away when an average joe called her a sweetheart. But she didn’t say anything about Harvey Weinstein because she was trying to get an Oscar.