MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — People at a Brooklyn Center assisted living facility are being forced out because the building is being sold.

Thursday night, the current owners of the building met with family members to discuss options for their loved ones.

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WCCO’s Reg Chapman reports they have only 45 days to move out.

“If they can find some place for us to move into that is not overly expensive,” said Jacqueline Vangel.

Vangel, 73, has lived at Earle Brown Terrace for four years.

“This is very upsetting. There are a lot of people that aren’t sleeping at night, tossing and turning. Where are we going, where are we going, where are going, where are we going. This is terrible,” Vangel said.

She says it’s impossible to find suitable housing with short notice.

“I’ve called, five different places were full. Unless you have more money, we can put you into something. I don’t have that kind of money myself so I’m kind of stuck,” Vangel said.

“The real problem here is they are the poor and the elderly and no one really cares about them unless you are a member of their family,” said Tom Bain.

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Family members of residents met with building management Thursday night. WCCO was not allowed inside. We were told the State Ombudsman and management was there to reassure residents there’s help to find them a new home.

“We are offering things like help with moving expenses, transportation to other communities. We want this to work to every ones advantage for this to work,” said James Walters.

For many, the concern is for those who will not find a place to go with short notice.

“Many of them don’t have family to help them,” Brandt said.

They want lawmakers to intervene.

“Call the Mayor of Brooklyn Center just say ‘Hey this isn’t a reasonable period of time you’re going to turn it into a high buck place from what they told us give the people here some time,'” Brandt said. “Time to find senior housing when most facilities have waiting lists, and time to readjust to a new normal, something that’s not easy for many of our seasoned citizens.”

Earle Brown Terrace management is also looking for replacement for many if its employees.

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There is no word on if new management will give residents an extension on the 45-day deadline to vacate.

Reg Chapman