MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The driver of a truck that dislodged an 800-pound-boulder that killed a mother and her daughter has been arrested.

Joe Czeck, 33, did not stop at the scene of the accident in Rosemount on Monday. As WCCO’s Kate Raddatz shares, the tragedy is a reminder to drivers to secure your load.

(credit: Dakota County Jail)

It took four fireman just to roll the boulder. It’s the same rock that police say came flying off Joe Czeck’s dump truck Monday. He was heading south on Rich Valley Road in Rosemount.

“It’s evident to us that it was not secured in the back of the vehicle,” Rosemount Police Chief Mitchell Scott said.

Karen Christiansen, 67, and her 32-year-old daughter Jena were headed north on the road. The truck went over a railroad crossing and the boulder came off, tumbled and struck the family’s car.

The women died at the scene.

“It’s very traumatic for the families. We don’t see this type of accident every day,” Scott said.

A picture shows the truck shortly after the incident. (credit: Rosemount Police)

Investigators figured out the truck, shown here in this photo taken shortly after the accident, belonged to Czeck Services, which lead them to the driver.

Rosemount Police Chief Mitchell Scott says the tragedy is a reminder of the law.

“You’re required by law to have whatever you are hauling secured in your vehicle. So if you have a lawn mower or an ATV, UTV inside, you are responsible to make sure it’s secure,” Scott said.

Even if an accident doesn’t occur, drivers can still be pulled over and given a ticket for unsecured loads.

“Things happen out of our control all the time, so take the extra time to make sure things are secure,” Scott said.

Czeck is being held at the Dakota County Jail. Charges are still pending.

Kate Raddatz

Comments (29)
  1. Sounds like 2 counts of negligent homicide to me.

  2. I wonder how close they were driving to the truck to not see it and swerve to miss it?

    1. At speed, no one has time to see and avert a collision with an object falling from nearby vehicle into their path. Personally, I don’t trust trucks with open loads and avoid driving behind them.

  3. Considering the truck was going south and the ladies were going north, they were probably only about 3 feet apart when they met, dumba$$

  4. roughman998 says:

    Is it possible that the driver didn’t realize that the rock had fallen off his truck?

    1. Steve Hollar says:

      Not the point. It was obviously not secured. I can’t see how he wouldn’t know a huge heavy rock left his truck, though.

  5. Lee Jenkins says:

    “Well, I’m running down the road
    Tryin’ to loosen my load…..”

  6. Eric Jones says:

    He looks exactly like the kind of person who would drive away like a worthless, heartless piece of puke after killing two innocent people.

  7. Mike Holden says:

    Three seconds behind a car. Six or more seconds behind a truck.

    1. Did you not read the story or listen to the video? They were going in OPPOSITE directions.

  8. Clown in the comments trying to defend the rock hauling moron. How fast do you have to drive to make a rock like that start rolling out of your truck in the first place? Clearly, the guy was likely DRUNK!

  9. Lisa Lindsay says:

    He had to be going hella fast to launch a half-ton boulder out of his truck like that.